Pecan Pralines - How it's made (2024)

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Pralines from River Street Sweets are a traditional, handmade southern candy not to be missed. Indulge your sweet tooth today and order your favorite pecan pralines, from a gift box filled with original World Famous Pralines® to a decorative tin brimming with both chocolate and original pecan pralines. Our World Famous Pralines® are made fresh daily, right in our store just like mom used to make at home. River Street Sweets pralines are one treat you don't want to miss.

What is a Praline?

The praline is a southern tradition, commonly made with sugar, corn syrup, milk, butter, and pecan halves. It's a confection with a history as rich as its flavor. The praline's origins may date back as far as the early 17th century. It's believed the praline was created by Chef Clement Lassagne, who worked for French diplomat César duc de Choiseul, Comte du Plessis-Praslin.
Chef Lassagne's original praline combined almonds, not pecans, and a caramelized coating. It was called a praslin in honor of the Comte du Plessis-Praslin. Through the centuries in Europe the "praslin" evolved into something different from the southern praline we know and love today. This candy in both France and neighboring Belgium often featured cocoa and ground nuts instead of the halved nut.
The pralines of today's south may have arrived in New Orleans with the French Ursuline nuns. These nuns were tasked with teaching the young girls in their charge the domestic arts, which included cooking and how to make confections like the praline. As these girls married and moved throughout Louisiana and the rest of the south, the praline became a popular regional treat.

Regional Pralines

While the original French praline recipe used almonds, that nut wasn't as easily attainable in the south during the mid-1700s. Pecan trees, native to Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, and other southern states offered a delicious solution -- switch the almonds for pecans. The pecan praline quickly gained popularity and today is still one of the most loved confections from this part of the country.

Praline Recipe

The basic praline recipe includes locally-sourced pecan halves, creamy butter, sugar, and cream. However, depending on the cook and region, the amount of each ingredient and type of sweetener and fats may vary. For example, in New Orleans you may find pralines made with heavy cream versus the whole milk often used in a Texas praline recipes. Some praline recipes include a ratio of brown sugar and white sugar, while others opt for just white sugar and corn syrup.
Savannah pralines, made fresh daily at River Street Sweets, feature only the highest quality ingredients including the best pecan halves, butter, sugar, and cream. Want to see how we make pralines? You can view the process in this exclusive River Street Sweets video.

Savannah Pecan Pralines Make Great Gifts

Any time of the year, any occasion, our sweet and unforgettably delicious Savannah pecan pralines are the perfect gift. Send a gift box or decorative to celebrate an anniversary, commemorate a milestone, birthday, or as a thank you to a colleague for a job well done. At River Street Sweets, we have the World Famous Pralines® you loved as a kid and crave as an adult.

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Pecan Pralines - How it's made (2024)


What is pecan praline made of? ›

What is a Praline? The praline is a southern tradition, commonly made with sugar, corn syrup, milk, butter, and pecan halves. It's a confection with a history as rich as its flavor.

How was praline created? ›

In the 19th century French settlers brought a recipe to Louisiana, where both sugar cane and pecan trees were plentiful. New Orleans, emancipated black women substituted pecans for almonds, added cream to thicken the confection, and thus created what became known throughout the American South as the praline.

Why won't my pralines get hard? ›

The simple answer is that there is too much moisture in your candy. One or more factors could be contributing to this problem. In hard candy making, it is important to cook all the water out of the sugar/corn syrup/water mixture.

What is the difference between pecan candy and pecan praline? ›

What is the difference between candied pecans and pralines? Candied pecans are pecans coated in egg whites, sugar, and spices, then baked until crispy. Pralines are a drop-candy with a caramel-like base and crunchy pecans mixed in.

What is the difference between butter pecans and pecan pralines? ›

Pecan praline, on the other hand, is really a sugary confection that is a candy in and of itself. The sugary sweetness is pulled to the forefront in pralines, while butter pecan celebrates the balance of sweet and roast-y toast-y.

What kind of nuts are in pralines? ›

Pralines (US: /ˈpreɪliːn/; New Orleans, Cajun, and UK: /ˈprɑːliːn/) are confections containing nuts – usually almonds, pecans and hazelnuts – and sugar.

What is an interesting fact about the praline? ›

Pralines were invented in France in the 1600s. It is widely accepted that the creator of the praline was the French pastry chef Clement Lassagne, who at the time was personal chef to the comte du Plessis-Praslin (you can see the praline's namesake there).

What the heck is a praline? ›

praline, in French confectionery, a cooked mixture of sugar, nuts, and vanilla, often ground to a paste for use as a pastry or candy filling, analogous to marzipan; also, a sugar-coated almond or other nutmeat.

Why do pralines turn white? ›

Pralines are a much-appreciated festive treat, but come to think of it, they're simply delicious at any time of the year. When your pralines turn white, you are seeing the recrystallization of sugar. And you are right that honey does technically slow down the rate at which crystals form in candy.

Can pralines go bad? ›

They contain no preservatives and are best consumed within a week of purchase. They never go “bad,” but after a week or so the sugar starts to crystalize and they lose the characteristic snap that you enjoy when biting them.

Why is my praline bitter? ›

Just make sure you buy your nuts raw and not already roasted. The main reason for that is that we will cook the nuts in a pan for 10-15 min. If you do this with roasted nuts, they will end up being over-roasted and your praline will taste very bitter.

How to soften pecan pralines? ›

Since the problem is mostly that the sugar in the pralines gets hard and crystallized, you might try softening them the way you'd soften hard brown sugar. Place a terracotta sugar saver in the container or something else that's slightly damp, like a few slices of apple or a slice of fresh bread.

Are pecan pralines good for you? ›

Being that pecans are the main ingredient; the snack contains essential vitamins & minerals, can aid in long-term heart health, can be enjoyed by gluten intolerant consumers, can provide a high number of antioxidants, and can supply a large amount of protein & fiber.

Are pecan pralines chewy? ›

They say it has a soft sweetness and is delectably chewy with plenty pecans.

How long does homemade pralines last? ›

Pralines will keep well for 1 or 2 weeks at room temperature. After that, the sugar will begin to crystallize and the candy will get harder and gritty. To ensure they stay fresh, proper storage is key. Pack them in an airtight container as soon as the candy hardens and use parchment or wax paper to separate layers.

Are pecan pralines healthy? ›

Being that pecans are the main ingredient; the snack contains essential vitamins & minerals, can aid in long-term heart health, can be enjoyed by gluten intolerant consumers, can provide a high number of antioxidants, and can supply a large amount of protein & fiber.

What is praline filling made of? ›

It consists of nuts, usually almonds and/or hazelnuts, coated with caramelized sugar. It results in sweet and crunchy nuts. Pralines is the name of the whole caramelized nuts, but also the name of the paste prepared from ground nuts.

Is praline a tree nut? ›

Foods that nearly always contain tree nuts include pesto, marzipan, Nutella, baklava, pralines, nougat, and nut liqueurs.

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