Praline Pecans: A Southern Classic - Truly Good Foods (2024)

Praline Pecans: A Southern Classic - Truly Good Foods (1)

A Sweet & Savory Southern Classic

Being that Truly Good Foods is an industry leader in the tree nut category, as well as healthy snack category, it made all the sense in the world for them to start manufacturing snacks with the perfect blend of sweet and nutty. The creative team at Truly Good Foods wanted to bring a taste of the South to snack lovers all around the world. When they design a product the second-generation family-owned business makes sure to see the good that a snack can do for health, wellness, and happiness. The manufacturing process in their SQF, Kosher, and organic production facilities shows their commitment to excellence Each element of their world-famous Praline Pecans is hand-picked, hand-blended, and combined with precision to make them one of a kind. Not to be confused with Pecan Pralines, Praline Pecans are a delectable southern snack with a rich buttery sweetness. Their combination of coating and texture is as unique as its name. Praline Pecans feature the perfect praline flavor, while also allowing the consumer to eat a little more guilt-free, as they are a healthier alternative to its candy counterpart.

Praline Pecans: A Southern Classic - Truly Good Foods (2)

Healthy & Versatile

Praline Pecans are undoubtably one of the most irresistible snacking options around, but did you know they were so versatile? Being that it is a snack that contains a savory element, as well as a sweet element, the possibilities are endless for its uses. Just a simple google search for “praline pecans” can overload you with recipes for meals that utilize this product in various ways. This snack option is perfect on its own, but can also bring a much-needed crunch to a scrumptious Summer salad or a dash of sweetness to a delightful dessert. On top of Praline Pecans being the perfect accoutrement to your next dish, they also are a healthy alternative, when eaten in moderation, to their candy counterparts. Being that pecans are the main ingredient; the snack contains essential vitamins & minerals, can aid in long-term heart health, can be enjoyed by gluten intolerant consumers, can provide a high number of antioxidants, and can supply a large amount of protein & fiber.

Our family of Praline Pecan products are perfect for busy professionals, fitness enthusiasts, and/or anyone who wants to make smarter snacking choices. Stock up with Truly Good Foods to enhance your office pantries, corporate events, community snack bars, children’s school lunches, friendly golf outings, family beach trips, long hikes, and much more.

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Praline Pecans: A Southern Classic - Truly Good Foods (3)

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Praline Pecans: A Southern Classic - Truly Good Foods (2024)


Are praline pecans a healthy snack? ›

Being that pecans are the main ingredient; the snack contains essential vitamins & minerals, can aid in long-term heart health, can be enjoyed by gluten intolerant consumers, can provide a high number of antioxidants, and can supply a large amount of protein & fiber.

What is the difference between pecan pralines and praline pecans? ›

For one, pecan pralines are a patty-shaped candy made from pecans and several other ingredients, typically sugar, butter, and cream. Praline pecans, on the other hand, are individual pecan nuts with a praline-flavored coating.

How many pecans can I eat a day? ›

Like many other nuts, pecans contain a high percentage of fat and can lead to diarrhea if too many are eaten in a short amount of time. Over-consumption may also lead to digestive issues like gas and bloating. Recommendation: One ounce (15-19) pecan halves per day.

Is it OK to eat pecans every day? ›

Eating a handful of pecans each day can help satisfy cravings for unhealthy snacks and provide a nutritious boost to any meal. Furthermore, pecans can also be included as part of a healthy diet when combined with other nutrient-rich foods in moderation.”

Are praline pecans healthy to eat every day? ›

Praline pecans are great holiday gifts and great holiday desserts that are healthy to eat as they mainly contain polyunsaturated as well as monounsaturated fats that are otherwise known as “heart healthy fats.” Since pecans are full of protein and “good fat,” then pecans can be indulged as an all-time favorite snack of ...

Are pecans anti inflammatory? ›

The anti-inflammatory properties of pecans reduced low-grade inflammation that leads to chronic inflammation and the development of a range of prevalent diseases. This also shows pecans maintain body weight and prevent diabetes despite consuming a high fat diet.

How long do pecan pralines last? ›

Pecan pralines last up to three weeks. So it is better to consume the pecan pralines in the first two to three weeks after you make them. After three weeks, the pralines will not go bad but the sugar will begin to re-crystallize and so they will lose their delicious creaminess and will get a little harder to chew.

Are pralines a southern thing? ›

Nowadays most people are unaware of the candy's historical origin, and the praline is thought of as a southern confection not necessarily specific to New Orleans. Some believe the pecan praline is a Texan candy, whereas others assume it came from Savannah.

Are pecan nuts good for the kidneys? ›

Use the chart on the next page to choose nuts and seeds that will fit your kidney diet plan. For example, macadamia nuts and pecans are lower in potassium and phosphorus than peanuts and almonds. These types of dialysis can remove more potassium, so you may need to eat more potassium foods.

Why do I get a stomach ache after eating nuts? ›

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Eating Nuts? Raw nuts contain phytates and tannins that can be hard for some people to tolerate or digest, causing stomach pain or bloating. 4 Cooked nuts have much lower levels of phytates and tannins so may be better tolerated.

What should not be eaten with nuts? ›

And although nuts are a healthy choice by themselves, they'll quickly become detrimental to any diet when paired with sugary or salty toppings or mixes.

Can diabetics eat pecans? ›

Diabetes management

Pecans have a very low glycemic index, which means that eating them does not cause a spike in blood sugar, even in people with diabetes. Eating pecans can even offset the effects of higher glycemic index foods when eaten as part of the same meal.

What are praline pecans made of? ›

What is a Praline? The praline is a southern tradition, commonly made with sugar, corn syrup, milk, butter, and pecan halves. It's a confection with a history as rich as its flavor.

Can diabetics eat candied pecans? ›

Since nuts are low on the glycemic index, pecans can slow the body's absorption of carbohydrates down, which ultimately leads to lower blood glucose (sugar) levels; just ensure you're using unsalted, dry-roasted pecans and not candied pecans that can be high in sugar and added fat.

Are pecans a good snack for weight loss? ›

Because pecans are high in protein and good-for-you unsaturated fat, they may help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and keeping you feeling fuller for longer periods of time. This means you won't need another snack before dinner, or you won't eat as much of the appetizer as you would have otherwise.

How many pecans is a healthy snack? ›

Improves heart health

Similarly, an older study in 19 people with normal cholesterol levels found that those eating 2.5 ounces (68 grams) of pecans each day had significantly lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol after 8 weeks, compared with those in a control group who didn't eat any nuts ( 7 ).

How many calories in a pecan praline? ›

Pecan praline (1 patty - approx 2" diameter x 3/4") contains 40.7g total carbs, 39.8g net carbs, 6.6g fat, 1.4g protein, and 218 calories.

Are glazed pecans healthy for you? ›

This crunchy snack of glazed pecans is great for topping ice cream, garnishing a salad, or nibbling all on their own. They'd even make a great gift or game day appetizer. Nuts are high on the list of healthy snacks with great levels of fiber, protein and unsaturated fats.

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