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Note:Don't post full Patron-only track here. Only post samples posted on Discord / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / any other place where these songs can be accessed publicly.Extra note:One of the mods of the old Pizza Tower Discord had their Discord token stolen a while ago, causing the source code and some unreleased samples to be leaked. Don't post them here.

A lot of songs were either teased in an early state, altered, or cut from the game entirely during Pizza Tower's development. This page goes over the differences for each track.


    • 1.1 Pizza Deluxe! (Title Screen)
    • 1.2 It's Pizza Time! (Escape)
    • 1.3 The Death that I Deservioli (Escape Lap 2)
    • 1.4 The Noise's Jam-Packed Radical Anthem (John Gutter Noise Version)
    • 1.5 Hot Spaghetti (Pizzascape)
    • 1.6 Cold Spaghetti (Pizzascape Part 2)
    • 1.7 Theatrical Shenanigans (Ancient Cheese)
    • 1.8 Dungeon Freakshow (Bloodsauce Dungeon)
    • 1.9 Pepperman Strikes! (Vs. Pepperman)
    • 1.10 What's on the Kid's Menu? (Fun Farm Part 2)
    • 1.11 mmm yess put the tree on my pizza (Gnome Forest)
    • 1.12 Leaning Dream (Pause Screen)
    • 1.13 Pimpin' Hot Stuff (Vs. The Noise)
    • 1.14 Tubular Trash Zone (Oh sh*t!)
    • 1.15 Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play (Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator)
    • 1.16 There's a Bone in My Spaghetti! (Pizzascare)
    • 1.17 Receding Hairline Celebration Party (Credits)
  • 2 Unused Tracks
    • 2.1 In the final game's files
    • 2.2 Spaghetti (Pizzascape)
    • 2.3 Not in the final game's files
      • 2.3.1 Pesto Anchovi (Noise Escape Draft 1)
      • 2.3.2 Distasteful Anchovi (Noise Escape Draft 2)
      • 2.3.3 SNICK IS COMING (Snick's Challenge)
      • 2.3.4 Theatrical Mischief (Ancient Cheese Part 2, SAGE 2019)
      • 2.3.5 Ground Bound (Mansion)
      • 2.3.6 The Phantom Tower (Wasteyard, Eggplant)
      • 2.3.7 Spooky Apartment (Spooky Mansion Part 2)
      • 2.3.8 Freefallin'
      • 2.3.9 Collapse! (Freefallin' Escape)
      • 2.3.10 Small Fruit, 5 PM (Pizzascape Escape)
      • 2.3.11 LEANING NIGHTMARE (Snick's Challenge, 2 minutes left)
      • 2.3.12 Running With Pockets Full of Meatballs (Peppibot Factory Escape)
      • 2.3.13 Toxic Rave (Oh sh*t! Escape)

Used Tracks (+ Remixes, used & unused)

Pizza Deluxe! (Title Screen)

Some instruments and samples are missing, such as the "Wahoo!" on the first drop. It notably features a lone Wario voiceclip from Wario Land 4, and the "Pizza" voice sample was more audible. The bass is also different in comparison to the Halloween demo.

It's Pizza Time! (Escape)

There are two variations for this track;The first version (used in Early Test Build) has a lot of differences, detailed here.The second version (used in Demo 2) gives a bit more energetic life to the track, as well as replacing the Wario samples in the middle, which would be retained all the way to the finished version of the track. Also, included as a bonus in the Halloween Demo's dance room, and unused later on, is a remix of the track that was originally made by ClascyJitto before they were brought onto the team.

The Death that I Deservioli (Escape Lap 2)

This one can be heard in the Halloween demo. The portamento effect on the lead is present at the very beginning of the track, rather than slowly activating over the course of the intro like in the final. The tempo increase also commences on the fourth measure instead of the third. It has harsher EQ, a slightly different transition at 0:32, and is missing the live guitar playing of the final. A unique slap bass section starts at 0:45, not present in the final track.

The Noise's Jam-Packed Radical Anthem (John Gutter Noise Version)

There are multiple variations. Version 1 is missing many of the background instruments, and has no trumpets near the end. There's also a bit of echoing in the beginning. The 2nd version sounds nearly identical to the final, but still has that echoing in the beginning of the track.

Hot Spaghetti (Pizzascape)

This version of the track can be heard in the SAGE 2019 build (except for the September 29th revision). The guitar is missing, there are no background screams, and the track doesn't fade out. There is a notable chord dissonance at 0:43, combining Cm with Fm.

Cold Spaghetti (Pizzascape Part 2)

The first version of this track from playtest builds of the Halloween demo used samples of Wario's voice, which can be heard at 0:45 and 1:39. These couldn't stay for obvious reasons, so they were replaced in the second version from Demo 2 with more copyright-friendly sounds. These would once again be replaced in Blue Block Land with samples that fit in much better with the song. Both versions of the track also lack a few extra flavor in certain parts, such as the synth solo at 1:49.

Theatrical Shenanigans (Ancient Cheese)

Used in the Early Test Build, and was previously titled "One Pizza At A Time". It has far simpler percussion, uses different samples for its lead and bass, and lacks the chords, backing brass, and electric piano of the final. Contains a unique accordion section which seems to have been replaced by the saxophone part at 1:04 in the final.

Dungeon Freakshow (Bloodsauce Dungeon)

All that's different is the ending of the track, which fades out early.

Pepperman Strikes! (Vs. Pepperman)

Previously titled "Threat On a Leaning Tower". The older version is shorter, repeats some parts, had different bleeps, and lacks the voice samples. The trumpet was replaced with a piano in the final version.

What's on the Kid's Menu? (Fun Farm Part 2)

Originally intended for Kids Party/Don't Make A Sound. The melody of the track is different.

mmm yess put the tree on my pizza (Gnome Forest)

Some of the bass instruments are missing.

Leaning Dream (Pause Screen)

This 5 minute track was originally intended for Deep-Dish 9, and would later be used in a truncated form for the pause menu when that level's theme got replaced with Extraterrestrial Wahwahs.

Pimpin' Hot Stuff (Vs. The Noise)

The song is a lot louder and has a lot of missing background instruments.

Tubular Trash Zone (Oh sh*t!)

Previously titled "Toxic Pepperoni". It's very early draft of what would eventually become Tubular Trash Zone, with different samples for all of the instruments, far simpler percussion, a slower BPM, is mostly in a different key, and has rougher mixing. The melody used in the bridge section that plays before the guitar solo at 1:05 in the final track is used directly after the intro in this version. Interestingly, Oh sh*t's secret theme, "A Fecal Secret", is composed in this early iteration's key of D#m.

Don't Preheat Your Oven Because If You Do The Song Won't Play (Refrigerator-Refrigerador-Freezerator)

Phew, that's one long track name. Anyway, there are 2 different versions of this track.The first variation sounds nothing like the final, with the track going for a darker tone. This was later changed to an entirely different theme.The second variation of the track we all know and like has some instruments missing, some instruments were different, and at 1:07, the main theme of the song is repeated again.

There's a Bone in My Spaghetti! (Pizzascare)

Previously titled "Cold Freakeloni". The guitar in this version is a lot louder, there's no evil laughter, and the guitar doesn't sound the same when it fades out.

Receding Hairline Celebration Party (Credits)

Previously titled "I Ain't Got No Time To Dance", it is composed ever-so slightly differently from the final version used in the game's credits, such as lack of leitmotifs, as well as some voices being featured at the start of the track.

Unused Tracks

In the final game's files

Spaghetti (Pizzascape)

Around 1:31, the track has less variety, repeating the same part over, and at 2:26, there's a part that was taken out. Otherwise, the track is the same as the final.

Not in the final game's files

Pesto Anchovi (Noise Escape Draft 1)

When The Noise was still planned to be playable, he was going to have his own escape theme instead of reusing It's Pizza Time!, the escape theme used in the final game. Some of the Super Mario World instruments are different. The Noise would later receive a different escape theme in development, while The Vigilante would be gifted with Pesto Anchovi instead.

Distasteful Anchovi (Noise Escape Draft 2)

A short sample of the song was included in Thing of the Week 4. This track is also the replacement for Pesto Anchovi.

There's less bass, the Noise's theme plays instead of a different theme, and the way the song progresses is different.

SNICK IS COMING (Snick's Challenge)

It uses some melodies from Spooky Apartment. Likely meant to be the escape theme for the scrapped Spooky Tower level.

Theatrical Mischief (Ancient Cheese Part 2, SAGE 2019)

The track has less variety, the progress of the track is completely different, and the earlier version is shorter.

Ground Bound (Mansion)

Originally intended for the equally scrapped Mansion level. Some minor parts are different, and the final version is longer. The Do-Re-Mi voice finishes its solo with "Suck my dick" instead of "Bring me ravioli", and at 0:51, a voice can be heard saying "Congratulations!", taken from the English dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The Phantom Tower (Wasteyard, Eggplant)

Intended for the first part of the scrapped Spooky Tower stage. Not much else is known about this stage besides this music track.

Spooky Apartment (Spooky Mansion Part 2)

The second part of the scrapped Spooky Tower stage.


Song for a scrapped freefalling level, details unknown.

Collapse! (Freefallin' Escape)

Not only was the freefalling level scrapped, the idea of every level having its own escape theme was also scrapped.

Small Fruit, 5 PM (Pizzascape Escape)

Escape theme for Pizzascape. It was leftover unused in the Early Test Build and later used in Demo 2, but is absent in the final game.

LEANING NIGHTMARE (Snick's Challenge, 2 minutes left)

Originally intended as the escape theme for Deep-Dish 9, when its main theme was still going to be Leaning Dream. This song was temporarily reused for the SAGE 2019 demo in Snick's Challenge, when the timer hits the two-minute mark.

Running With Pockets Full of Meatballs (Peppibot Factory Escape)

Escape theme for Peppino Factory. It was used in Demo 2, but goes unused in the final game.

Toxic Rave (Oh sh*t! Escape)

Escape theme for Oh sh*t! The composition and structure seem to be closer to that of Toxic Pepperoni, as this song was likely being composed before Tubular Trash Zone was finalized.

Prerelease:Pizza Tower/Altered Music & Samples (2024)
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