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The SAGE 2019 demo had many assets made specifically for the SAGE event. A sizable chunk of assets and code have remained.


  • 1 Unused Rooms
    • 1.1 cowboytask
    • 1.2 snick_challengeend
  • 2 Playable Snick the Porcupine
  • 3 Cowboy Tasks
  • 4 Snick Challenge
  • 5 SAGE Manual
  • 6 Unused Sprites
    • 6.1 Computers
    • 6.2 Hub Props
    • 6.3 spr_snick_exe

Unused Rooms


A room dedicated to showing all nine achievements you would've obtained for the Cowboy Tasks. bg_select, a SAGE-exclusive background is used here, the tiles have shifted, and entering the room will crash the game by default unless the object present here (obj_SAGE2019achievementmarker) is fixed up.


The final room of Snick's Challenge using assets from John Gutter, though the tiles have shifted. You would've entered this room through the final room of Bloodsauce Dungeon.

Playable Snick the Porcupine

This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Document some of the object-specific behavior for associated objects that have a if character equals "S" argument programmed.

(Character value: "S". Note that the game defaults to Peppino's sprites, hence why his idle animation is used here.)

Snick the Porcupine was a character exclusive to this demo who would be unlocked after completing Snick Challenge. He was the fastest character in the game, able to build up speed quickly without the need of holding the Dash key and able to perform a peel-out dash a-la Sonic the Hedgehog. His dash and ground pound were his only abilities, as he could not grab enemies, only run into them. Snick was never intended to be playable in the final game, and he was never worked on again after SAGE 2019.

Despite pretty much all of Snick's spritework no longer existing in the final game, a couple of objects and variables remain. Setting character in obj_player to "S" will enable what's left of him in a very broken state. The player will be locked in Mach 2 and some objects are missing variables that will crash the game. Some objects might change their sprite, while others will destroy themselves if Snick is present. Other than that, it's possible to get locked in a specific animation by doing a specific action.

Cowboy Tasks

Another significant piece of leftover content is the nine achievements you could've gotten during gameplay, also known as the Cowboy Tasks. These tasks were either very simple challenges or encouraged you to find every secret and toppin, and if you completed all nine of them, you would've gotten a cowboy hat floating above the player's head. While the object managing these achievements (obj_SAGE2019achievementmarker) will crash the game due to nine missing variables, adding them back will make the object function just as intended. You can visit the earlier mentioned cowboytask room and view the portraits for each achievement. Even though the text will no longer show up, it still exists in the game's data.

A few things of note is that obj_weaponmachine has a counter that counts how many shotguns have been purchased during Snick Challenge and obj_swordstone has a variable that checks if the sword was pulled. Neither of which unlock the achievement when it's been completed, and any other achievement has had its triggers removed - all but one. If global.snickchallenge is set to 1 and a level is completed with an S-rank, the Snick Challenge S-rank achievement will be unlocked.

Below is a list of details for every achievement that you could've gotten in the demo.

Achievement VariableTextPortraits

Snick Challenge

This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: Document some of the object-specific behavior.

Snick Challenge was a small side mode where you were tasked to complete Pizzascape, The Ancient Cheese and Bloodsauce Dungeon under 10 minutes while an enemy known as Snick.exe would chase you around. The mode already gives you 10000 points at the start and lacks collectibles and Toppin's to collect. Completing the level would reward you with Snick as a playable character, though what is left of him in the final game can be only barely considered playable at this point. While Snick.exe could harm the player, you could simply dash through him or attack him during a transformation to make him disappear and spawn back up on the top screen.

Pretty much all of the objects related to Snick Challenge still exist in the final game. To activate the mode, rename one of the gates in the hub to "snickchallenge", which will automatically set global.snickchallenge to 1. Snick.exes object (obj_snickexe) won't be present in the level though, but can be added back in with his functionality remaining the same as seen in the SAGE 2019 demo. The game's special door (obj_snickchallengedoor) and ending room are present as well.

SAGE Manual

A full manual from this demo, object and all (obj_manual) exist in the game's files and work as intended. The manual itself (spr_manual) is a simple way for newcomers to learn about the game's characters, controls and mechanics with unique artwork not used anywhere else. There's thirteen pages with four chapters: "The Story So Far...", "Pizza Monsters", "Peppino's Forms" and "Tips & Tricks".

The manual would've been accessible from the title screen. To open it (as described in spr_manualicon), press F5. To close it, press Esc, F5 or X.

  • The title screen icon. (Text: Press F5 to view the manual!)

  • The Story So Far, page 1.

  • The Story So Far, page 2.

  • The Story So Far, page 3.

  • Pizza Monsters, page 1.

  • Pizza Monsters, page 2.

  • Pizza Monsters, page 3.

  • Peppino's Forms, page 1.

  • Peppino's Forms, page 2.

  • Tips & Tricks, page 1.

  • Tips & Tricks, page 2.

  • Tips & Tricks, page 3.

  • Tips & Tricks, page 4.

Unused Sprites

Most of the sprites here are props for the hub.


To do:
Move the Medieval computer to some kind of category grouped under the Noise Hardoween content. That computer was changed for that demo.

The level gates were replaced with computers to go in line with the whole "game / demo showcase" vibe that SAGE has. There's four of them.

  • spr_medievalcomputer
    A computer for Pizzascape. (Although this is the version from the Hardoween demo, which instead used it for Pizzascare).

  • spr_ruincomputer
    A computer for The Ancient Cheese.

  • spr_dungeoncomputer
    A computer for Bloodsauce Dungeon.

  • spr_snickchallengecomputer
    A computer for Snick Challenge.

Hub Props

These props were used on inside and outside the hub.

  • bg_sagebuilding
    The building you would've entered from a room titled Titlescreen, which now has been replaced with stuff from Peppino's Xmas Break.

  • bg_snick
    An arrow pointing down to a Snick NPC you could've interacted with.

  • bg_tutorialsign
    A tutorial sign pointing down to a hole in the floor.

  • bg_cowboytask
    A Cowboy Task sign that would've been placed on a wall to the very right.


While this sprite is used during Snick Challenge, only the first frame is shown. The complete three frame animation could originally be seen in the hub after completing the first three levels.

Pizza Tower/SAGE 2019 Leftovers - The Cutting Room Floor (2024)
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