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General FAQ's

Praline, pronounced PRAH-leen, in some areas of the southern United States, particularly New Orleans, refers specifically to a confection consisting of pecans and a crystallized brown sugar mixture. Pralines are made by cooking the brown sugar mixture with pecans, cooling it slightly, and then stirring it to induce crystallization. As the mixture begins to crystallize, the pralines are deposited by a spoon or a scoop onto parchment paper and allowed to continue crystallizing. Because of the method of crystallization, pralines tend to have a more crystalline texture than fudge and are best when consumed while fresh. Pralines are of Creole orgin and have come to be synonymous with the hospitality of New Orleans.

The word praline has various meanings, depending on the culture using it. Many Europeans use the word praline in the way that Americans refer to chocolates-to mean a center dipped or enrobed in chocolate. Praline paste is made of ground hazelnuts and caramel.

We recommend that you enjoy your pralines within 2 weeks from receipt, for optimum flavor. A few of our customers store them for longer, so it's also based on your personal preference. The best way to store them is in an airtight container.

The white spots are a natural process called crystallization. Because our pralines are made with NO preservatives, the white spots occur over time as the cooked sugar returns to its original crystal form. The process begins as soon as the candy leaves the pot, and does not affect flavor. For optimum flavor please enjoy your pralines within 2-3 weeks or purchase.

Out of state shipments are not subject to taxation.

We use UPS to ship all of our mail orders. If a package is addressed to P.O. Box, we will ship via USPS. If you prefer USPS instead of UPS, let us know in the order comments section on the shopping cart page.

UPS Ground usually takes 3-5 business days, depending on the distance in transit. Please allow 1-3 business days processing time. The processing time is the length of time we need to get an order ready to ship, or the length of time between when you place an order and when we ship your order. Please note, our processing times may be longer during the month of December.

Please make a note of when your order needs to be received at its destination in the order comments section on the shopping cart page. We will do everything we can do ensure it is delivered by that date.

After you place your order you will receive an order confirmation email. Once the package is picked up by UPS and scanned in, you should receive an email with the tracking information.

Unfortunately, at this time online orders must be made separately when sending to different addresses. If you want to send items to multiple addresses, you can always email us and we can take your order via email.

Wedding and Event Favor FAQS

For pricing, quantities and label choices please visit our Wedding and Event page.

Yes, but keep in mind that the prices you see are for those minimums. Orders placed for less than our minimums will be subject to a higher price, depending on your final quantity. You can email us at info@leahspralines.com to discuss pricing for quantities less than the minimums.

You can place an order for wedding and event favors at any time as long as it is at least 2-3 weeks before your desired pickup or shipping date. The reason we ask for 2-3 weeks notice is so we can adequately plan our production schedule. Weddings typically happen during particular times and event days in the year, and to ensure we deliver the best product possible to you, we need to keep it within a workable schedule. So get those orders in early to avoid missing out or incurring a rush charge.

Orders for wedding and event favors can be taken over the phone, via email, or in our store. We don't have an option to order favors online. Please call 504.523.5662, Monday - Sunday from 10am-5pm CST. If you're not ready to order but have some questions, and can't find the answer here, you can email us at info@leahspraines.com. If you'd like to sample the candy, you are always welcome to visit the store.

Possibly not, we often make exceptions. Please be aware that orders placed with less than 14 days notice may be subject to a $40 rush fee. Orders placed with even less notice may incur additional charges. If you are concerned about incurring a rush fee or late fee, please call or email us and we will let you know if a fee will be applied to your order.

Yes, we currently only ship pralettes and creamy pralines favors. We cannot ship the regular sized traditional praline because they do not ship well at large quantities. We do suggest expedited shipping be arranged in some cases. Some instances include orders for creamy pralines shipped in the summer months, to avoid softening and damage.

We do ask for adequate notice when changes need to be made to your order. If your order is for unlabelled favors, 5 business days notice is adequate notice to make increases or decreases to your order. Orders that have labels included are harder to change. While we do not make the candy until 24-48 hours before your pickup/shipping date, we do make the labels anywhere from 1-2 weeks before your event, depending on when you placed your order. If you need to decrease the order and your labels have been made, you will be required to pay for the unused labels - which will be provided to you. If changes are requested the week of your event, it may not be possible, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

All orders, regardless of when the order is placed, are made within 24-48 hours of your requested pick or shipping date. We do not make the candy when you place your order or hold candy from when you place the order. All orders are always fresh when you receive them.

Yes, of course! You will find a selection of colors on the wedding favors page. If you have a color that you do not see among our choices, please email us a swatch or sample and we will do our best to match it. When choosing the background and text color, just make sure that there is enough contrast between the two.

Absolutely! If you have a wedding logo or design, we can print it as long as the artwork is a high-res pdf, eps, jpeg or tiff file. Email us info@leahspralines.com to discuss what you are looking for.

FAQs (2024)


How do you write FAQ answers? ›

Tips to make an effective FAQ page
  1. Keep it brief. Short, straightforward answers are the most effective way of relaying information to customers so try to keep it brief. ...
  2. Consider the customer journey. ...
  3. Try to answer fully. ...
  4. Make it easy-to-read. ...
  5. Add functionality. ...
  6. Include a 'contact us' option.
Sep 30, 2022

How long should FAQ answers be? ›

Answers should be CCF (clear, concise, and factual)

(I have just made up this abbreviation, but it does a good job getting my point across.) A good rule of thumb is to write short answers to each question — two to three paragraphs would make a good answer. If you go longer, the page will be too long and cluttered.

How many questions should be in a FAQ? ›

That said, you want to find a nice middle ground. Fewer than five questions might indicate you haven't done your research… or that you didn't need an FAQ to begin with. Fielding dozens of questions isn't good either, but if they're all necessary, consider splitting your FAQ into multiple pages.

What are typical FAQ questions? ›

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is a set of common/obvious queries your web visitors or customers may have. Some common examples include questions about service hours, shipping and handling, product details, return policies, etc., depending on the industry.

How effective are FAQ pages? ›

FAQ pages aren't only beneficial for customers; they're a game-changer for your business. Take a look at the benefits they bring to the table: They serve as an indispensable resource for addressing common queries, significantly reducing the influx of repetitive customer inquiries. FAQ pages streamline communication.

What does a good FAQ page look like? ›

A good FAQ page includes various questions with well-written answers. These questions and answers should be related to the topic itself and have to offer valuable information for visitors. Also, a helpful FAQ page should demonstrate a company's features and solutions.

Do FAQs have to be questions? ›

Your FAQ information doesn't necessarily have to appear in the traditional question-and-answer format. That format is useful when customers look up their problems on a page, but your goal is to address the problem before the customer ever experiences it.

How long should FAQ pages be? ›

The length of your FAQ page should be based on the number of questions that users might have, as well as the level of detail required to answer those questions. If you have a small website or product, your FAQ page may only need to include a handful of questions and answers.

How can I improve my FAQ? ›

You should always research and understand your customers to identify their questions and concerns about your products, services, or policies. Organize your questions: Categorizing and organizing your questions makes the page easier to navigate and understand while improving the overall user experience.

Why does FAQs frequently asked questions important? ›

Frequently asked questions, or FAQs as they are known, are a great way to improve your customer's experience of your website. It allows you to answer the questions that are most commonly asked surrounding your product or service. At the same time, there are also many other benefits to having FAQs on your website.

Does FAQ mean facts and questions? ›

/ˌefˌeɪˈkjuː/ abbreviation for frequently asked question: a question in a list of questions and answers intended to help people understand a particular subject: If you have any problems, consult the FAQs on our website. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

Why is FAQ good? ›

Since your visitors will most likely have questions about your products or services, an FAQ page is a great place to passively answer the most common ones. This way, no matter when or where, your visitors can find what they're looking for without having to contact you or go digging.

What does a FAQ page look like? ›

An effective FAQ page should include a clear and concise introduction, questions and answers divided by categories, links to additional resources, and a search function to help visitors quickly find the answers they are looking for.

Do you write FAQ or FAQs? ›

FAQ can be pronounced as an initialism, "F-A-Q", or as an acronym, "FAQ". Web designers often label a single list of questions as a "FAQ", such as on Google Search, while using "FAQs" to denote multiple lists of questions such as on United States Treasury sites.

What should a FAQ page include? ›

Most companies have an FAQ — or Frequently Asked Questions — page on their website. This page includes a series of questions that are commonly asked by customers and cover topics including product or service usage, business hours, prices, and more.

Should FAQs have an apostrophe? ›

While there are many conflicting answers online, many believe that using an apostrophe in “FAQs” is redundant and improper — especially because FAQs don't “own” anything. So, it's best to avoid putting the apostrophe in this term.

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