Dinosaur Themed Party (2024)

Dinosaur Themed Party (1)

Want a customisable dinosaur themed party for your birthday party or event? As an exclusive distributor of educational dinosaurs and fossil digging products in Singapore, we provide very exclusive content to your party at great prices! Our dinosaurs products are museum quality and hence loved by adults and children.

Why choose us for Dinosaur Themed Events?

Our experience in Dinosaurs and Paleontology has bought us to organise dinosaur events at:

You may have seen the sandpit, humongous dinosaurs, dino-related performances and the real fossils displays which we conceptualised at these malls.

Having done so many dinosaurs birthday parties, we want to share hundreds of ideas, which we accumulated. Do check out our printables which you can download below.

“So cool! This is the first time I have seen this at a birthday party. I am going to do this for my son in October”
– May, guest of our client who booked our Dinosaur birthday package.

You can book our dinosaur activities individually or as a package. You can even choose the run the party on your own! Our dinosaur themed party packages (恐龙配套:中文版)are booked almost every week so do contact us to book your slots early!

Our Dinosaur Party Package below can be yours for only $1640 $980

(Most popular for birthday parties!)

Only $980 after ~40% discount! WhatsApp “dinosaur-package” to claim this deal!

1Customised dinosaur e-invite.$30
2Dinosaur Decor
o Banner
o Fossil Displays
o Dinosaur information panels, and more
o Staff to set up.
3Dinosaur Themed Fringe Activities (60min each) Eg. Balloon Sculpting and Facepainting.$450

Mini Dino Hunt (20-30min)

5Fossil Digging (30-60min) for up to 8 children.$350 (8 children)

Vest coats for all the children (Rental)

7Hosting ofCake CuttingCeremony (5-10min)$25
8Planning of Programme based on your duration and programme.$80
Total$1645 $980

Book your Dinosaur Party Package above for only $1645 $980!

Additional Child at $20/child

Details of the Dinosaur Party Package

1. Dinosaurs Themed Decorations

Our standard decorations do not use balloons in our decorations because we want to recreate the dinosaurs display with our fossil replica, dinosaurs bones display and more. These not only create a more authentic feel to your dinosaur themed party, but also save the Earth since they are reused!

Rental and set up of the following:

  • Dinosaurs Banner (1.9 x 1.4m) – Thedinosaur banneris 1.9 x 1.4 m big and you can customise (for a small fee) to any words that you want.
  • Fossils display x 6 (replica)
  • Big dinosaur skeleton display (Diplodocus, 1.48m long)
  • Dinosaurs panel information (x4) – These are A1 size to create the history museum feel. They are children’s favourite dinosaurs namely: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Brachiosaurus as well as Stegosaurus.
  • Dinosaur Signs x 4 (A4 size) – Our tongue-in-cheek signboards are fun to take photos with. (Eg. Do not feed the T-rex.These are available for download at the end of this page.)
  • Door Banner (1 x 2m)
  • 1.8m tall InflatableT-rex

(Rental of the above props is also available, self-collection, excluding set up.)

2. Dinosaur Fringe Activities

While waiting for all your guests to arrive at your roaring good party, have some dinosaur activities to keep the children occupied.

Choose one of Category A or 2 of Category B:

Category A:

  • Dinosaur Making and Decorating (1hr) – Kids choose their favourite dinosaur and make their own dinosaur by pouring plaster of Paris into the mould. An hour later, they can paint it with their favourite colours.
  • Cute Dinosaur Mascot (1hr) – Let our cute mascot interact with the children, take memorable photos during cake cutting, ask it to give away goodie bags and other activities! This version is plushy so more suitable for younger children.
  • InflatableT-rex Mascot (1hr) –Want a more authentic looking dinosaurs mascot towelcome your guests and otherfun activities? This T-rex will do the job! Kids will love to walk your dinosaur around the house.
  • Dinosaur Ring Toss Carnival Game(1hr) – A classic game themed to dinosaurs. Inclusive of the prizes and manpower to run the game for you.

OR Choose two of the following:

  • Dinosaurs Balloon Sculpting (1hr)
  • with dinosaur related designs (1hr)
  • Dinosaur Stick-on Tattoo (1hr)
  • T-rex and triceratopsMask Making Craft (1hr) – Kids can make their own dinosaurs mask to get ready to ‘roar’ the party!
  • Dinosaurs themed Colouring / Activities Sheet (1hr)
  • Dinosaur Goodies Bags (8pcs)
Dinosaur Themed Party (13)

3. Game:Mini Dino (Treasure) Hunt (20-30min)

This treasure hunt activity is one of the highlight of this package. Children becomes little palaeontologists as they scramble to find the “dinosaur fossils” ‘buried’ in the grounds of the party!

Once they find the pieces of the fossils, they can explore further by joining the broken pieces together. Educational and fun!

4. Dinosaur fossils digging (30-60min)

Kids love this! Adults are entertained as they watch their children chisel away the sands and stone to find their fossils. A plaster block is given to every child to dig. They will have fun discovering how they can be an paleontologist as well as learning about the different dinosaurs and why they are extinct! The children get to keep this unique souvenir after the party!

  • Egg digging available for younger children.

  • More challenging dinosaur bones digging available for older children or even adults. (Someassemblyrequired to train their spatial ability, enquire with us on the rates.)

This is exclusive concept activity whichyou can find here and nowhere else!

(Tools like hammer and chisel used for digging will NOT be given to the kids after the session for safety reasons.)

(Package price is for up to 8 children. Additional children is at $20/each.)

5. Dinosaur Vests Rental for children

Not only the vests are used to protect the children’s party clothes, they are perfect for photo memories! Make the whole theme party complete when children get into paleontologist roleplay with these costumes.

6.Hosting of the cake cutting

Let our hosts help you with the cake cutting and put the smiles on the children’s faces.

We also work with bakers in Singapore to provide dinosaurs cakes perfect for your celebrations! Let us knowyour budget and we can even arrange the cake for you. We also have dessert tables for booking too! (See below)

8.Free e-invite

Get our customised (with name and party details) e-invite to invite to your friends to your dinosaur themed party. Download your FREE generic dinosaurs card here

Dinosaur Themed Party Add-ons

Why not make your party AMAZING with ouradd-ons! With ourtrack recordin organisingdinosaur events at Tanglin Mall, Great World City,Harbourfront and Northpoint, add cool dinosaurs stuff to your party for the complete experience.

Dinosaurs: $998$800^ only! (Popular)

Includes (all decorations items are for rental except food items):

  • 1.9 x 1.4 m Dinosaurs Banner (Words: Happy Birthday. Add $80 to customise with name and age using our existing design OR $148 for a new design.)
  • Green Table Cloth
  • Dinosaurs Figurines
  • “Happy Birthday” Bunting
  • Food Labels
  • Wooden Crates x 2
  • Tree trunk trays x 2
  • Chocolate Bars (with customised wraps) x 12
  • Popcorn (with customised boxes) x 12
  • Pudding (with customised labels) x 12
  • Mineral water / Bottled drinks(with customised labels) x 12
  • Cupcakes or packaged snacks(with customised labels) x 12
  • Lava Cakesx 12

Single, double and triple-tier dinosaurs cake available for upgrade.

*Pictures for illustration only. Customisation possible, but additional charges may apply.
^$800 promotional price applies if the above $980 package is booked.

Dinosaurs Party Decorations add-ons:

  • Dinosaur Themed Party (26)
    Dinosaur Themed Party (27)
    DIY Decor Pack customised with name and age(Triceratops)
  • Customised Dinosaurs invites
  • Guestbook with customised designs
  • Customised welcome sign
  • Balloon Columns Palm Trees
  • Helium Balloonsand Dinosaurs MicrofoilBouquet
  • Dinosaurs Wall Mural / Themed Scenery(3 x 4m 3D Banner [picture] available for rental for $80, self collection, excluding the name customisation.)
  • Fossil Displays (Real dinosaurs fossils available for loan, subjected to approval.)
  • Customised DinosaursBanner
  • Dinosaurs themed Candy Buffe
Dinosaur Themed Party (28)

Main Dinosaur Activities add-ons

Dinosaur Themed Party (34)
Dinosaur Themed Party (35)
Dinosaur Themed Party (36)
Dinosaur Themed Party (37)
Dinosaur Themed Party (39)
Dinosaur Themed Party (40)
  • Storytelling about dinosaur adventure (30min) – Listen to snippet of Singaporean author Andy Chua’s book
  • Dinosaur Puppet Show(30min)Want to pat a baby dinosaur? You can even feed a baby dinosaur too! Just be careful to ensure this baby reptile doesn’t pee on you!
  • Educational Talkabout dinosaurs (30-60min) – Learn more about dinosaurs from our dinosaurs experts who will bring real fossils to show the children. The lucky birthday child may even receive a fossil gift to kick start their own collection.
  • Dinosaur Magic Show (30min)Children will love this unique interactive magic show created by Mr Bottle.
  • Piñata – Children take their turn to hit the Dinosaurs Piñata filled with sweets and chocolate.

Dinosaurs Party Bag

Every guest gets to bring home a dinosaur goodie bag containing dinosaur gifts.

Email uswith your requirements and budget for your own unique dinosaur themed party!

Dinosaur Education Kits

Want to buydinosaur digging kits for your children to try out? These are also great door gifts and goodie bags for children too.

  • Dinosaur Egg Digging Set
  • Dinosaur Bone Excavation Kit (3D)
  • Dig It Twice (3D)
  • Dino Series: Dinosaur Fossil Digging (Large, 2D)
  • Dinosaur Series: Dinosaur Bones Digging (Large 3D)
  • Dino Skeleton Digging (Small) Set of 5 Party Pack (3D, with no packaging)
Dinosaur Themed Party (2024)
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