Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (2024)

Everything seems to be more expensive these days, including side-by-sides.

We’re all looking for a good deal. But as we all know, some deals are better than others.

And when you’re considering the size of the investment into a new side-by-side, you want to be sure that the only thing “cheap” about it is the price.

This guide will help you weed through all the “deals” out there in the side-by-side world, and determine which models offer a cheap price but also the most bang for your buck in terms of overall quality and performance.

Here are the eleven best cheap side-by-sides for 2023, including both utility and sport options.

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11 Best Cheap Side By Sides

#1 – CFMoto UForce 600

PRICE: $10,499

The CFMoto UForce 600 ranks at the top of the list for a few reasons.

Not only is it one of the cheapest side-by-sides you can buy, but it ranks high up the list of best side-by-sides for the money.

And the overall capabilities, performance, and build quality this model offers is hard to find in any other model for the price.

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This model is CFMoto’s mid-sized utility side-by-side model, and a review of the CFMoto UForce 600 shows that it offers one of the best combinations of working ability and recreational appeal in its class.

And what really sets it apart from the bigger name models is that it comes flush with accessories and features including a winch, LED lights, roof, mirrors, LCD display, 4WD and power steering.

While your Can Am, Polaris, and Kawasaki models might offer higher overall quality, the UForce 600 is underrated in that regard and you won’t find the same level of overall functionality for anywhere close to the same price with the bigger-name models.

You can see what owners think of these vehicles in general in this guide of CFMoto owner reviews.

#2 – Honda Pioneer 520

PRICE: $9,999

A Honda side-by-side for less than $10K? Hard not to take a long look at the Pioneer 520 if you’re on a budget.

This model was only recently rolled out in 2021 to give Honda a mid-size utility side-by-side with a rear dump bed, as the Honda Pioneer 500 doesn’t offer a cargo bed.

It’s a Honda, so you can be sure it’s as dependable and durable as any side-by-side you’ll find even at the cheaper price.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (2)

The engine is about as bulletproof as they come, but this model is not as powerful as some in the same class but still provides excellent utility.

And as one of the slowest options you’ll find, its recreational appeal is pretty minimal. That said, a review of the Pioneer 520 terms these models the “billy goats” of the side-by-side industry because there’s not a trail or terrain they can’t conquer, albeit slowly.

You won’t find a side-by-side with a higher overall build quality for under $10K, making the Pioneer 520 one of the best cheap models available.

#3 – Kawasaki Mule SX

PRICE: $7,799

It’s hard to believe that a Kawasaki Mule is one of the cheapest side-by-sides available, but at only $7,799 it is essentially THE cheapest.

The Mule SX is Kawasaki’s smallest, least powerful utility two-seater and is also one of the smallest overall side-by-sides you’ll find – able to fit into the bed of a full-size pickup.

Despite its compact build and a quiet 401cc single-cylinder engine with an output of only 26 horsepower, it actually makes for a good working vehicle and will surprise you with its ability to tackle basic off-road terrain.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (3)

But a full review of the Kawasaki Mule SX shows it’s one of the slowest models on the market, it lacks 4WD, and minimal suspension travel makes for a bumpy ride on uneven terrain – so recreational appeal is almost nil with this machine.

It’s also one of the few side-by-sides that makes use of a carburetor rather than EFI, which leaves the Mule SX prone to some issues.

But if you simply need a highly dependable side-by-side for casual, slow riding this model makes for a great value.

#4 – CFMoto UForce 1000

PRICE: $12,999

CFMoto’s most powerful model checks in at #4.

While the UForce 1000 probably makes for the best overall value on this list, its $12,999 price tag may not be worth paying up for if you don’t need the added power and performance it offers over the UForce 600.

Either way, to be able to purchase a model like the UForce 1000 for that price should give you the warm and fuzzies. Reading a detailed review of the UForce 1000, you’ll understand why.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (4)

This model offers one of the best blends of power, performance, working ability, and recreational appeal across the industry.

It offers room for three (or six in the crew model) in the cab, and comes loaded with even more accessories than you’ll find in the UForce 600.

And there are plenty of aftermarket add-ons available, with the list of most popular CFMoto UForce 1000 accessories able to increase its appearance and performance.

For a similar model from one of the big-name brands that includes the same level of features and accessories, you’ll be paying anywhere from $3,000 – $8,000 more than the cost of the UForce 1000.

#5 – Polaris Ranger 570

PRICE: $11,699

A review of the Polaris Ranger 570 shows why it’s one of the best all-around side-by-sides you can buy year after year.

The two-seater is also the cheapest full-size side-by-side you’ll find offered by Polaris as of 2023.

It’s equipped with a ProStar 567cc engine with a max output of around 44 HP, which is impressive for its size and class.

When you throw this model in 4WD, there aren’t many terrains it can’t power through, even with a full load in tow (up to 1,500 lbs) or a full hauling capacity (up to 1,000 lbs) in the cargo bed.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (5)

But as you’d expect with the cheapest Polaris side-by-side, it’s also the most basic. There’s no power steering, no engine braking system, and not many of the accessories you’ll find in some models on this list.

And at $11,699, it’s cheap, but not as cheap as most other models in its class.

But it’s still a Polaris Ranger, one of the best all-around side-by-sides money can buy, for under $12K. Not a bad deal, there.

#6 – Can Am Defender HD7

PRICE: $12,399

Another big-name model is next in the Can Am Defender HD7, which is the Can Am’s cheapest full-size side-by-side option.

It comes with Can Am’s smallest engine, the Rotax HD7. Don’t let that fool you though, as this 650cc single-cylinder engine still makes 52 horsepower.

This model has no problem with mud, sand, water, or mountainous terrain, especially with the 4WD option. It makes a great trail riding option, and even gets a pretty impressive top speed.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (6)

But it’s more basic than most other models on this list, lacking power steering and engine braking – which can make it trickier to handle while trail riding. And included accessories are minimal.

But even as one of the more expensive models on this list, Can Am is well-known for making some of the best well-rounded side-by-sides in the industry.

So if just over $12K is what you consider “cheap enough” for your next ride, the Defender HD7 is worth it.

#7 – CFMoto ZForce 950

PRICE: $13,999

This model is the most expensive on this list, but if you want a true sport side-by-side that offers the ability to keep up with some of the highest performance sport SXS models on the trails, this is as cheap as it gets.

The ZForce 950 is CFMoto’s highest performance sport side-by-side model, and a review of the ZForce 950 will show that some big changes for this year have helped to level the playing field with the Polaris RZR’s and Can Am Mavericks of the world.

The ZForce 950 now gets around 90 HP, giving it enough speed and power to make for one of the fastest trail options out there.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (7)

They feature CFMoto’s typical build style – with a combo of sporty, rugged, and modern flare. The cab is roomy, the seats are comfy, and the ride is smooth.

All that said, these models still won’t hang with the most aggressive sport SXS models when it comes to aggressive trail riding.

But when you consider the fact that you’ll save anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 on a ZForce 950 compared to a similar model from one of the big boys, and that $13,999 price tag sure looks pretty cheap.

#8 – Hisun Strike 550R

PRICE: $10,999

The Hisun Strike 550R is one of the cheapest pure sport side-by-side options you’ll find, and one of the only options you’ll find with an engine smaller than 800cc.

If you’re not familiar with Hisun, this review of Hisun side-by-sides will catch you up on who they are and how the quality of their side-by-sides has increased in recent years.

The Strike 550R is equipped with a 546cc single-cylinder engine that offers good power and speed throughout the RPM levels.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (8)

They’re definitely not the fastest sport SXS, but good acceleration makes them a great trail option and they offer enough top-end speed to give riders a thrill.

As you’d expect with some of the cheaper SXS options, not every part and component is going to be of the highest quality and these models are more prone to need repairs/replacements than higher quality models.

But the gap in price is appealing, making them one of the better cheap side-by-side options available, especially for a pure sport model.

#9 – Massimo T-Boss 550

PRICE: $9,999

Massimo offers the T-Boss 550 as one of its mid-size side-by-sides. For those not familiar with the name, you can read a review of Massimo and the quality of their UTVs to catch you up.

This model offers a good mix of working and recreational appeal, with its 493cc single cylinder engine offering good low-end torque and decent top-end speed.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (9)

Along with 4WD, they offer a respectable towing capacity of 1,200 lbs and hauling capacity of 400 lbs in the rear cargo bed.

The build quality is good for an aftermarket side-by-side, but a review of the T-Boss 550 will highlight some flaws with the model.

I’m paying a few hundred more for the #1 side-by-side on this list as a comparable model to the T-Boss 550 every time, but this model does make for a good cheap option.

#10 – Axis 500

PRICE: $8,999

The Axis 500 is one of Lowe’s store brand side-by-sides, so you may have seen them on display at your local retailer recently.

This model is equipped with a 471cc engine with a max output of around 24 HP, and offers good low-end grunt to perform working tasks.

A review of the Axis 500 shows that it makes for a decent recreational vehicle on the side as well, able to reach good top-end speeds and coming with 4WD and locking differentials for added traction on the trails.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (10)

It’s one of the cheaper side-by-sides you’ll find, and as you might expect, you do sacrifice some in terms of overall build quality as the Axis 500 is known to have some flaws.

But none of them are deal breakers, and this model makes a decent option for those on a budget.

There’s also a slightly bigger model called the Axis 700 that’ll only run you a grand more than this one and makes for a decent cheap option as well.

#11 – Tracker OX400

PRICE: $7,999

The OX400 is Tracker’s smallest and least powerful side-by-side offering, but it’s also one of the very cheapest in the industry at $7,999.

If you read a review of Tracker UTVs, they actually make some pretty underrated side-by-side options. And Tracker ATVs make for pretty solid quad options as well.

So why is it so far down the list? Because it’s essentially a glorified golf cart.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (11)

While the OX400 makes for a good, cheap option for very casual riding and performing light working tasks around the property, it offers little-to-no recreational appeal.

It’s one of the slowest models you’ll find, only topping 17 mph. And its 401cc single-cylinder engine only gets around 13 HP.

Add the fact that it only offers 2WD and limited suspension travel, and it doesn’t make a great vehicle to drive through anything besides easy terrain.

It does offer a 1,200 towing capacity and a 900 lbs hauling capacity in the rear dump bed though, so if your property is smooth and flat this may be a good, cheap option.

Final Word

If you’re in the market for a side-by-side and are looking for a deal, the options on this list are some of the best you’ll find among the industry.

We may appear a bit biased towards CFMoto with three different options on this list, but there’s a good reason for that.

You can read more on these machines in these guides to CFMoto UTVs and CFMoto Side By Sides.

Best Cheap Side By Side (Top 11 Deals For 2023) - Off-Road Official (2024)
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