Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (2024)

For those who want to enjoy trail riding and exploring the outdoors with the family, a 4 seater side-by-side will do the trick.

This guide will review the 7 best 4 seater models for 2023, including the top three sport options and the top four utility options.

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Best 4 Seater Sport Side-By-Sides For 2024 (Top 3)

#1 – Polaris RZR Pro R

Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (1)

If you want the biggest, baddest, highest performance sport side-by-side in the industry right now, you’re going with either a Polaris RZR or a Can Am Maverick.

The RZR Pro R 4 is the best four-seater Polaris has to offer, and it just barely edges out the best of the current Can Am Maverick four seaters in terms of overall performance.

Boasting a 1,997 cc four-cylinder engine with an industry-leading max output of 225 horsepower, the RZR Pro R was the fastest sport side-by-side money could buy until the 2024 Can Am Maverick R was unveiled in August of 2023.

But since the Maverick R doesn’t offer a crew model just yet, the RZR Pro R is still the fastest four seater you’ll find.


  • Fastest four seater
  • Best suspension travel in the industry
  • Stadium style seating

And this model doesn’t just pack a punch in terms of speed and power, its MaxLink suspension system offers a ridiculous 29 inches of travel to make even the roughest riding smooth and comfortable.

And stadium style seats elevate the rear passengers so that they can easily see over the front row.

It ain’t cheap as one of the most expensive side-by-sides money can buy, but if you can stomach the price it’s worth every penny.


  • Expensive

#2 – Can Am Maverick X3

Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (2)

Coming in a close second is the Can Am Maverick X3, which offers nine different four-seater models in various trim levels.

The X3 models are Can Am’s highest performance sport side-by-sides, and are as close to matching the RZR Pro R as you’ll find for now.

The highest-powered of the X3 models are equipped with a 900cc, turbo-charged triple-cylinder engine that offers a max power output of 200 HP.


  • Turbo-charged engine offers a whopping 200 HP
  • One of the fastest, highest performance sport SXS
  • Cab is roomy enough to comfortably ride with four grown adults

The Maverick X3 also offers a long travel suspension, but the most travel you’ll find in these models is around 22 inches.

While it rides smooth and can go basically anywhere with excellent ground clearance, the ride just doesn’t quite compare to the smoothness of that of the RZR Pro.


  • Turning radius isn’t great
  • Storage space is limited
  • One of most expensive in the SXS industry

#3 – Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 4

Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (3)

Third on the list of best four seater sport models is the Kawasaki Teryx KRX 1000 4.

This model won’t come close to matching the performance of the Maverick or RZR models, but they do likely offer the most comfortable ride of the three.

The Teryx KRZ 1000 4 offers three different trim levels, all of which are powered by Kawasaki’s signature 999cc parallel-twin engine.


  • Durable, dependable engines
  • High quality parts and components rarely require replacing or repairs
  • Excellent cab space, leg room, and comfy stadium-style seats

They offer excellent low-end power and acceleration, but are known to be lacking in top-end speed as the RPMs fall off in the upper ranges.

But they offer some of the most spacious cabs you’ll find among four seaters, with even passengers in the rear having plenty of legroom.

They aren’t the sportiest, but if you’re looking to take the family on long rides at a slower pace or explore miles of trail systems, it doesn’t get much more comfortable than a ride in the Teryx KRX 1000 4.

Check out this guide for a full review of the Kawasaki Teryx models.


  • Slightly underpowered
  • Not that fast for a sport model
  • Engine/exhaust is very loud in the cab

Honorable Mention:

The CFMoto ZForce 950 doesn’t offer a four-seater yet, but it seems like only a matter of time.

A review of the ZForce 950 shows it to be one of the best values in the sport side by side industry, we just need a four seater option so the whole fam can join!

Best 4 Seater Utility Side By Sides (Top 4)

#1 – Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000

Topping the list of four seater utility side-by-sides is the Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000, which actually seats six with room for three in the front and rear.

These models are powered by Polaris’ signature 999cc V-Twin ProStar engine, which offers a max power output of 82 HP.

The Ranger XP 1000 Crew is one of the most powerful utility models in the industry with a 2,500 lbs towing capacity and 1,000 hauling capacity.


  • Powerful, dependable engine
  • Overall performance best in industry
  • Great towing/hauling capacities

But they also offer decent recreational appeal on the side as the fastest Ranger model, and their suspension set-ups and ground clearance make them solid on the trails.

Overall, the Polaris Ranger Crew XP 1000 offers the best blend of utility, performance, off-road capability, ride comfort and build style.

But it’s not by all that much, with three other models nipping at the Ranger’s boots.


  • Very expensive
  • Older models affected by clutch issues
  • Width prevents it from riding smaller trails

#2 – Can Am Defender Max

Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (5)

The Defender Max is Can Am’s four-seater utility vehicle offering, consisting of eight different trim levels. These models actually seat six, with room for three in the front and rear.

A review of the Can Am Defenders shows the difference in the the HD8, HD9, and HD10 engines you can choose from in the Defender Max model, but you’ll need an HD10 model to compete with the rest of this list.

The HD10 engine is Can Am’s most powerful unit, consisting of a 976cc V-Twin that offers a max output of 82 horsepower.


  • Excellent engine power and low-end grunt
  • Towing/hauling power
  • Good mix of utility and recreational appeal

Those models with a V10 offer incredible low-end power and torque, with a 2,500 lbs towing capacity and the ability to haul up to 1,700 lbs in the rear cargo bed.

And with good overall top-end speed, excellent suspension set-ups and around 13 inches of ground clearance, they make for great trail riding options as well.

This guide to the Can Am Defenders’ common issues will shed more light on the drawbacks of these models.


  • One of most expensive in industry
  • Loud engine noise
  • Bulky build

#3 – CFMoto UForce 1000 XL

Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (6)

The CFMoto UForce 1000 XL is the least familiar model on this list, but all of CFMoto’s utility vehicles continue to gain familiarity as they make for some of the best values in the industry.

This model technically seats six comfortably, with bench seats in the front and rear.

Let’s start with the price, with the UForce 1000 XL starting at $14,999. This is at least a couple thousand dollars cheaper than the rest of this list and comes with more features.

Throw on any number of the most popular CFMoto UForce 1000 accessories, and you’ve got a model that can hold its own with any four-seater out there.

This model is powered by a 963cc engine with a max output of 79 HP, which is right on par with the best utility four seaters.


  • Powerful, quality engine
  • Flush with accessories
  • Least expensive of the four seaters

And the UForce 1000 XL comes pretty close to matching the bigger name Honda, Can Am and Polaris models when it comes to speed, off-roading capabilities and overall performance.

And what really sets these models apart is the fact that they come loaded with accessories not included in many of the other four seaters’ base models.

But as evidenced in this review of the CFMoto UForce 1000, it’s not all sunshine and roses as this model does have some drawbacks.


  • Throttle response from 0-15 mph isn’t great
  • Clutch known to cause a jerky ride
  • Lacks an unlocking rear differential

#4 – Honda Pioneer 1000-5

Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (7)

The Honda Pioneer 1000 5 ranks fourth on the list.

The Pioneer 1000 5 is technically a five-seater, with room for three up front and two convertible rear seats that can be folded up from the cargo bed area.

This model is powered by a 999cc twin-cylinder Honda engine with a max power output of 72 HP.


  • Engine is smooth and quiet
  • High quality parts and components
  • No dealing with a drive belt

As evidenced in this full review of the Honda Pioneer 1000, you won’t get the same pull from the engine as you will with the other three models, but the Honda engine is easily the quietest and smoothest on this list.

The Pioneer model is unique in that it doesn’t use a CVT style transmission like most other four seaters, rather a 6-speed dual clutch transmission with metal gearing and no drive belt.

The Honda Pioneer 1000 four seater is also extremely well-made, with its parts and components rarely needing replacing or repair.

They claim fourth on this list as they don’t offer quite the same level of performance, and the fold-up rear seats are more suitable for children than adults with leg-room a bit cramped.


  • Not as powerful as other four seaters
  • Rear seating a bit cramped for adults
  • Turning radius is not great

Final Word

If you’re looking for a 4 seater side-by-side, there are plenty of good options to choose from that all offer different strengths and weaknesses depending upon your desired riding style.

There are also a number of solid 4 seater electric side-by-side options for those who prefer electric over gas-powered.

Best 4 Seater Side By Side (Top 7 For 2023) - Off-Road Official (2024)
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