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Corporate Profile

Wide Wide World Express Corporation formerly known as DHL Philippines, was established in 1971 under the dynamic leadership of its founding chairman, Mr. Rodolfo Feliciano and a strong partnership with Mr. Guy Coombs that started courier service in the Philippines, known to be the first in the Asia Pacific Region.

Across the Philippines, we have stationed more than one hundred strategically located service centers equipped with over 1,000+ highly trained and professional employees, complemented by apparently two hundred vehicles.

Over the last 50 years, we have invested to continuously improve our service and client reach. Specifically, our processes undergo a yearly audit by SGS Philippines to ensure customer delight. Additionally, our domestic retail network expands annually. All our endeavored improvement and assets are dedicated to meeting the inbound and outbound requirements of our clients.

Our core business lies in:

  • Logistics solutions
  • Express delivery of small to heavy packages or cargo
  • Door to door delivery
  • Ground, sea and air transport modes
  • Authentication services
  • Pharma delivery and collection

In 2011, W Express achieved its ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System Certification. W Express is affiliated with DHL Express as their local partner


WExpress Corporation will continue being the leader in the express delivery and forwarding business.
WExpress Corporation will be the leading total solutions and logistics provider in the Philippines with recognized international presence.


WExpress Corporation pursuit of market leadership and worldwide recognition anchored on delivering high quality and customer-focused services.
The achievement of the Mission will require:

  • Absolute dedication to fulfilling our customers’ needs with the appropriate mix of service, reliability, product and price
  • The evolution of our business into new service markets, or products will be completely driven by our single minded commitment to anticipating and meeting the changing needs of our customers
  • Ensuring the long-term success of the business through profitable growth and reinvestment of earnings
  • An environment that rewards achievements, enthusiasm, and team spirit offering each employee superior opportunities for personal development and growth
  • A state of the art information network for customer service and management information
  • Allocation of resources consistent with the recognition that we are one organization
  • A professional organization able to maintain initiative and decision making while working together under strong leadership


  • GO! - God Centeredness
  • W - Workforce Focus
  • I - Integrity
  • S - Synergy
  • E - Environmental and Social Stewardship
  • R - Reliable Customer Focus

"W Express Makes Your Business Life Easier"

W Express understands how important each shipment of our customers, whether this is personal or corporate, and we take pride in
that our team will handle this with the utmost care and within our committed transit time.

W Express believes that your business is our business. By keeping in touch with the individual needs of various businesses, W Express is continually
creating new, innovative ways to provide the maximum service flexibility necessary to meet the service needs of today’s competitive markets.

We are confident that we have services tailored for your every need, but even more than that, you have options on how to use these services to
fit in with your demanding schedules.

At W Express, we consider your business to be as ours. When we grow your business, you grow ours.
We will be there every step of the way.

Competitive Advantage


Insurance is available for all shipments. You may ask our Customer Service Representative to make the necessary arrangements when you make a booking or simply tick on the appropriate box on the House Way Bill form.


For fragile parcel and/or cargoes, we recommend crating for additional protection.

Attractive Frequency Rates

If you send shipments regularly, you may be entitled to avail of attractive discounts. Please contact W Express customer service for more information about your potential savings.

Customer Service

Our highly trained customer service personnel will assist you seven days a week. Every step of the way, we will be there to be of service to you. Just call any day and we will be happy to assist you all the way.

Support and Service Commitment

From the moment you place a booking until the consignee signs for delivery, skilled and professional W Express Staff will look after your shipment.


We have over 100 branches strategically located in key cities nationwide. Convenient drop-off points for walk-in clients, giving you more time to prepare your urgent documents and packages and still meet your critical deadlines.

Quality you can always rely on

WExpress has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with clients for over 30 years. Top local and international banks, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies put their trust in the services of W Express. Our operation has been totally customer-driven born out of a passion for service excellence.


All it takes is one phone call and our friendly customer service agent will be happy to quote you an all-inclusive price for your shipment. Should you wish for your shipment to be picked up, you may request for W Express courier to come and collect your consignment at your given location and deliver it right at the door step of your consignee.

Our Core Business

  • Logistics solutions provider
  • Express delivery of small to heavy packages/cargo
  • Door to door delivery
  • Expertise in ground, sea and air transport modes
About WExpress - WExpress (2024)
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