4 Seat UTV Comparison| Today’s Best Bargain 4 Seat Side (2024)

Come the weekend and it’s that time where most of us will set aside a bit of alone time to indulge in some of our guilty pleasure hobbies. It could be a billion different things, from golfing to practicing barrel rolls in a rusty old crop-duster. For us UTV enthusiasts it usually involves going way to fast, driving a bit too recklessly over rugged terrain.

Though as much as we all like to enjoy the serenity of mother nature in all our lonesome, sometimes you do miss the nonstop chattering of friends and relatives knawing away at your ears. That’s exactly where 4 Seat UTV’s come into the picture. They’re built to be as versatile as an old Land Rover and now as practical as one.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. These days most 4 Seat UTV’s on the market worth a damn, cost about as much as a year of college tuition. So what do you do? Send your kids to college or buy yourself a glorified toy. Don’t worry, we would never let it come to that. After much scrutiny, we think we’ve found a couple of 4 Seat UTV’s that won’t have you looking over community college brochures.

Massimo MSU 850-5

Massimo has spent the last few years cementing itself as one of the top runners for best bargain UTV’s and the MSU-850-5 appears to be no different in the realm of 4 Seat UTV’s. We’ve praised Massimo Motorson countless occasions for several things they just do better than most of their competitors and that includes their design language.

Though, this isn’t one of those occasions. Take one look at the Massimo MSU 850-5 and you’ll instantly recognize it another carbon copy of the legendary Yamaha Rhino. Don’t get us wrong, it looks good but Massimo Motors did such a good job of not partaking in the Rhino lookalike contest in the past, we just wish it was the same case with this MSU 4 seat UTV. The MSU 850-5 like its competitors features a pretty spacious electric hydraulic dump bed at the rear, this specific 4 seat UTV is rated to carry up to 660 lbs and can tow up to 1500 lbs.

As much as we would have liked Massimo to choose a different path for the MSU’s design language. It’s pretty easily forgivable when you take a look at its price tag and don’t go thinking they’ve skimped on anything either. The engine, an 800cc EFI 2-cylinder four-stroke is by far the most powerful in the lineup with 60bhp on tap, a pretty healthy amount considering it doesn’t weigh very much at just 1,542 lbs.

That’s not the only area where this 4 seat UTV can flex its muscle. Like pretty much all Massimo UTV’s, it comes with a plethora of standard features that includes half doors, windshield, hardtop roof, front 3500 lb winch, indicators, and even a front LED light bar. Spec up a Yamaha Wolverine X4 with similar features and you’re looking at wallet aching receipt of nearly $19,000.

The interior on this 4 seat UTV is pretty nice as well, all the buttons are big and chunky, so you could operate them with even the thickest of gloves. Everything’s just where it should and there’s a couple of useful amenities as well, like grab handles, 12V power socket and a locking glovebox. The seats while they are comfortable, could do with a smidge more padding and a lot more bolstering to keep you from sliding about mid-corner.

Though what matters most of all is how this 4 seat UTV can handle the rough stuff and we’re delighted to report there are no horror stories with this one. One thing we’d like to mention right off the bat is how great it is to have power steering as standard on a UTV. No longer will you have to pull several muscles in your arm just to maneuver it through some sticky mud. It also handles extremely well despite its slightly bulky dimensions, and it seems that extra weight hasn’t impacted braking performance whatsoever.

With all that power on tap from that raspy V-Twin, even if your Massimo MSU 850-5 is loaded to the brim with cargo and passengers. It should still be able to let loose on a fast gravel track or steep mountain pass. Helping this 4 seat UTV along the way will be its fully independent suspension, select 4WD, locking differentials and those excellent drilled and ventilated hydraulic disc brakes.

American LandStar 700 Crew 4

Next in our lineup is a 4 seat UTV from a company called American LandMaster with their LandStar 700 Crew 4. An American made side by side presents another bang for the buck UTV, assembled in Indiana and with 70% ofits parts sourced from the United States. If a solid and simple style 4 seat UTV is what your looking for this American LandStar side by side might be right up your alley.

Well, to kicks things of we feel the looks might be a bit ordinary with this one. It’s not ugly by any means but we feel those recessed LED headlights might take some getting used to on this 4 seat UTV. It looks as if someone gave this UTV a black eye, in both eyes. Nevertheless, we are glad to see that a front bumper, LED light bar and a hardtop roof come as standard on this LandStar Crew 4.

Though, its missing indicators, side mirrors and a standard front winch as you find on Massimo’s 4 seat UTV. The bed also isn’t electronically operated and its made from polymer. If you want a steel bed, it’s a $350 MSRP upgrade. Though American LandMaster does offer four different of dump beds including a flat bed an option to spec a rear bench seat.

Move over to the interior and we’re sad to say it’s a major letdown for this side by side. We’re not saying its cheap, the materials actually feel pretty decent, it just lacks any features or design aesthetic whatsoever. The biggest red flag is the lack of an instrument cluster. So that means there’s no way to tell what speed you’re going or how many miles you’ve driven.

There’s a microscopic dial instead placed in front of that driver that tells you your fuel level, voltage and an hour gauge. The large red LED’s for your check engine light and low oil pressure indicator also feel like a serious afterthought. If we were to name some positives, the seats are fairly comfortable and the lever to lock the differential is immensely satisfying to operate but that’s about it. Well, maybe the LandStar 700 Crew 4 can regain some points in terms of sheer brute force alone.

Powering this 4 seat UTV is a 700cc 4-stroke V-Twin with 21bhp. Any regular UTV could make do with those ponies just fine, but in a 4 seat UTV, it might just be a bottleneck. While it is nice to see features such as power steering, fully independent suspension, select 4WD, locking differential and adjustable suspension with A-Arm guards both front and rear but is it enough to overcome a nearly 70% power deficit compared to the MSU 850-5.

The LandStar 700 Crew 4 is by no means a bad 4 seat UTV, it’s pretty capable in its own right and their 3-year engine warranty alongside a complete steel frame chassis are nice additions to have. It’s just isn’t able to hold its own against the Massimo MSU 850-5.

BMS Ranch Pony 700 4S

The last 4 seat UTV in our lineup is BMS Motors Ranch Pony 700 4S, yes we have no idea how they come up with their names either. However, at first glance, this 4 seat UTV seems to be pretty darn similar to Massimo’s offering with the MSU 850-5. To start with, just like the MSU 4 seat UTV, its yet another Yamaha Rhino clone. In fact, if you saw both the MSU and the Pony 700 from a distance, you’d be forgiven for thinking their two examples of the same UTV.

With a similar price tag to the other two UTV’s, the Ranch Pony 4 seat UTV compares nicely to the previous two side by sides. So does the Pony 700 deliver? Well to kick things off, you do get quite a bit of value with the standard features. The Ranch Ponyincludes a windshield, hardtop roof, a 2500lb front winch, half doors, halogen headlights and a Bluetooth stereo speaker system. Though sadly the rear dump bed is manual operation only.

Take one step inside the Ranch Pony 700 and the layout and switchgear are almost identical to that of the Massimo 4 seat UTV. Everything is well built, the seats are comfortable if lacking a bit in terms of padding and bolstering, and unlike the LandStar 700, there’s a proper digital instrument cluster. It’s great that this UTV also manages to include speakers as standard, however, don’t expect Bang and Olufsen, think more in line with a aftermarket stereo.

Basically, you can achieve the same results with your UTV if you buy a couple of inexpensive Bluetooth speakers off amazon and drill them into the UTV’s frame. Though we guess its better than not having them in the first place. What about power then? Well, the BMS doesn’t disappoint here either.

Powering this 4 seat UTV is a 686cc four-stroke single-cylinder engine that churns out 43bhp at its peak. While that’s still a fair bit shy of the Massimo MSU 850-5’s 60bhp, it’s more than double the 21bhp you get from the LandStar 700. This means trailblazing adventures with your friends and family all buckled inside shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

To make sure the extra weight doesn’t leave you stranded on a steep track, the pony 700 comes equipped with fully independent suspension with front and rear A-Arm guards, an aluminium skid plate, locking differential, select 4WD, and a pretty hefty cooling system so you can keep your foot planted to the floor all day for some serious tail-happy action through the corners.

Yes, compared to the Massimo MSU 850, it’s a bit down on power and weighs a couple of hundred pounds more as well. However, despite this, the Pony 700 is still able to hold its own pretty well. Sure it won’t be as good off-road or even on-road as the Massimo but find one for the right price and its great 4 Seat UTV to have for the ranch or as your personal joy-ride mobile.

Where To Purchase A 4 Seat UTV

If your interested in one of these 4 seaters than you can find out more information and tips on purchasing one. Safer Wholesale sells two of the three models that we highlighted in this post, and they are a website that sells all kinds of motorized vehicles throughout the country.


One feature on their website provides the buyer an opportunity to submit an offer for the product instead of plainly paying list price. You will notice above on their product page they have a green “Make An Offer” button next to the UTV. Click the button and submit your best offer an see if they will except your offer. A company rep will follow up with you to work out the details. Here is a link to the American LandStar.

The BMS Ranch Pony 700 4 seater is the other UTV that is offered by saferwholesale.com. Like we explained above they allow you to make your own offer or ask for your own discount. There’s nothing to lose by making an offer before you make a purchase. A rep from the company will contact you after you make your offer. Here is the link to the Ranch Pony 4 seater.

Lastly, Massimo Motors offers free shipping on many of their UTV’s, ATV’s and golf carts at Walmart.com. Walmart has ATV’s ,UTV’s and golf carts available on their website too. Walmart.com offers free shipping on Massimo vehicles.

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4 Seat UTV Comparison| Today’s Best Bargain 4 Seat Side (2024)
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