4 Cheapest 4-Seater Side-By-Side UTVs (2024)

4 Cheapest 4-Seater Side-By-Side UTVs (1)

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If you love going for escapades with your family, a side-by-side vehicle can offer you an amazing adventurous experience. However, a side-by-side comes in a variety of sizes and price ranges.

For a family, a 4-seater side-by-side is perfect as it provides you with more space and features. With so many choices, it is a laborious task to find the model which you can afford. Most vehicles go as high as $20,000; it is difficult to invest this amount of money.

We have a solution to your problem. Even if you do have a high budget, you can purchase the best and affordable side-by-side vehicles. Now the manufacturers have started producing budgeted vehicles equipped with the latest technologies.

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What Are The Cheapest Side-by-Side Vehicles?

After comparing several models among the popular brands in the market, we have selected the most affordable side-by-side for you.

We have divided the affordable and budget-friendly side-by-side into three categories:

  • In utility, we have Kawaski Mule 4000 for $9,999,
  • In Extreme performance, we have Polaris RZR S4 1000 for $19,599
  • In Recreation/Sports, we have Can-Am commander Max for $14,299.

The prices are taken from their original website based on their current models. However, the prices may vary from dealer to dealer.

Top Side-By-Side Vehicles

Before we move forward, let us take a look at the list of 29 popular brands and their models in descending order of their price. You will find them later divided into different categories of Extreme Performance, Recreation/Sports, and Utility.

  1. Can-Am – Maverick X3 Max RS Turbo RR – $29,999
  2. Polaris – RZR XP 4 Turbo S – $25,999
  3. Polaris – RZR XP 4 Turbo – $23,699
  4. Can-Am- Maverick X3 Max Turbo – $21,999
  5. Polaris – RZR S4 1000 – $19,599
  6. Can-Am – Maverick Sport Max DPS – $19,599
  7. Can-Am- Commander Max XT – $18,999
  8. Mahindra – mPact XTV 1000 C Diesel – $18,599
  9. Mahindra – Retriever 1000 Gas Crew- $18,099
  10. Can-Am- Defender Max XT- $17,399
  11. Hisun – Sector 1000 Crew – $17,299
  12. Honda – Pioneer 1000 -5- $17,199
  13. Hisun- Strike Crew 1000 – $16,999
  14. Kubota – RTV-X1140 – $16,875
  15. John Deere – XUV825M S4 – $16,549
  16. Yamaha – Wolverine X4 – $16,499
  17. Mahindra – mPact XTV 750 C Gas – $15,999
  18. Kawaski – Terryx4 – $15,499
  19. Mahindra – Retriever 750 Gas Crew – $15,499
  20. Arctic Cat – Prowler Pro Crew – $15,399
  21. Polaris – Ranger 1000 Crew – $14,399
  22. Can-Am – Commander Max DPS – $14,299
  23. Yamaha – Viking VI EPS – $13,999
  24. Hisun – Sector 750 Crew – $13,799
  25. Can-Am – Defender Max (HD8) – $13,199
  26. Honda – Pioneer 700-4 – $12,399
  27. Kawaski – Mule 4010 – $11,999
  28. Polaris – Ranger 570-4 – $11,399
  29. Kawaski – Mule 4000 – $9,999

Now, we have listed the significant brands and their models according to their prices, we can break them down into different categories.

Recreation/Sports Side-By-Sides

Recreation/Sports side-by-side is designed particularly for making your experience more adventurous. If you want your side-by-side to be capable of managing difficult terrain and paths, this is your best choice.

They come with in-built safety features such as skid-plates and front end bars. Moreover, they are better at handling rocks, muds, and trails. Even at the fastest speed, you might find driving these recreation/sports models quite smooth and comfortable. They are designed specifically for high speed.

Let us take a look at the list of Sport/Recreation side-by-side vehicles before we discuss them in detail:

  1. Polaris – General 1000 4 – $21,799
  2. Can-Am- Maverick Sport Max DPS – $19,599
  3. Can-Am – Commander Max XT – $18,999
  4. Mahindra – mPact XTV 1000 C Diesel – $18,599
  5. Hisun – Strike 1000 Crew – $16,999
  6. Yamaha – Wolverine X4 – $16,499
  7. Mahindra- mPact XTV 750 C Gas – $15,999
  8. Kawasaki – Teryx4 – $15,799
  9. Can-Am – Commander Max DPS – $14,299

Now, we will discuss in detail the features and different specs of these models for your better understanding.


General 1000- 4

Price: $21,799

Within the models of Polaris, now we have General 1000.

These vehicles are on the expensive side because of the features it includes and share with you. The vehicle is among the best looking and elegant model of Polaris, which is ready and set to go on any adventure.

The General 1000 provides you with a ground clearance of 12,” which allows you to pass through the hard terrain easily. With the 62″ width, the model can pass through narrow spaces. To provide you with a smooth riding experience, it comes with Fox 2.0 Podium QS3 shocks.

This model is equipped with a 4,500-pound winch and a bumper at the front. There are half doors for your safety. Additionally, the engine of ProStar 1000cc can produce about 100 HP, which can provide you with an amazing performance.

When you have such high power, it is important to check how it functions under heavy load. The General 1000 has 1,300 lbs. payload capacity and 15,000 lbs. towing capacity. That means it can easily manage difficult hauling or loading tasks.


Maverick Sport Max DPS

Price: $19,599

Cam-Am offers 4-seater Side-by-side in Maverick Sport Max DPS. Equipped with the configuration of the V-Twin engine, you can expect high and efficient performance from this side-by-side vehicle.

The 4-seater vehicle can produce about 100 HP, which is more than that is produced by their two-seater models. That is because this model is heavier than 2-seater Maverick Sport, and extra horsepower will be beneficial when it has to manage the heavy load.

Maverick Sport Max DPS is designed to be a well-adjusted, balanced and stable model as the wheelbase is 30” long in comparison to 2-seater models. The model can impress you with its ease of control and turns over the steep trails and terrain. With a width of 60 inches, it lets you go inside the narrow trails, which are impossible to cover with wide cars.

In terms of protection, the model comes with skid plates and a steel bumper at the front so that it remains protected from all sides. Overall, the Maverick Sport Max DPS has everything to offer for an adventurous ride.

Commander Max XT

Price: $18,999

Get on with an off-road adventure with Commander Max XT with advanced features and exceptional value. You can benefit from the tri-mode Dynamic Power Steering, heavy-duty rear and front bumpers, and 4,500 lb. winch that is made for all kinds of adventure.

In comparison to other commander series from Can-Am, this model offers more seating space, which is equipped with stadium-style seating and dual handholds for extra comfort. Moreover, it can tow about 1,500 lbs. and carry up to 600 lbs. easily in its dual cargo box capacity.

The V-twin and Rotax1000R engine can produce a higher horsepower of 92, which is powerful enough to match any off-road adventure. Also, the model comes with lightweight radial tires that allow you to climb the vehicle confidently over the terrain and make comfortable turns.

Commander Max DPS

Price: $14,299

Commander Max DPS is the cheapest side-by-side of the two models we have mentioned among the commander series. However, some of the features are quite close to the Maverick Sport Max DPS we have discussed above.

Equipped with a Rotor 800R and V-twin engine, the model is capable of producing 71 HP. Moreover, the model uses 2 VDO Siemens fuel injectors and has a 54 mm throttle body. The fuel injection system allows the engine to keep up the high performance irrespective of the altitude or temperature.

Commander Max DPS is majorly known as the trail-competent Ranger in the market. The DPS in the name means it comes with dynamic power steering, which gives you total control over the vehicle.

For added advantage over the vehicle control, you will get a torsional training arm suspension, which offers you a smooth ride over high-end terrain. With durable rear end property, the model has about 10″travel capacity and 11″ ground clearance.

Apart from that, Commander Max DPS boats dual-level cargo box with 600 lb capacity. You can separate the cargo box through a watertight panel. The upper bed can load 400 pounds, while the lower bed has a 200 pounds capacity.


mPact XTV 1000 C Diesel

Price: $18,599

The mPact XTV from Mahindra is available in a wide variety of configurations that runs with either petrol or diesel engine. The mPact XTV 1000 C diesel from Mahindra is the best-in-class for side-by-side Recreation/Sport vehicle with its powerful engine and performance.

The mPact XTV 1000 C Diesel, as the name suggests, runs on a diesel engine. It is equipped with a 1000cc engine with three cylinders. This diesel run vehicle can produce 26 horsepower along with higher torque, which is enough to climb the vehicle upon the hills. Also, the fuel tank has a capacity of 34 liters.

The vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake system, which allows you to hold the vehicle on vertical drops. Additionally, the vehicle comes with 200 lbs. cargo box capacity and 2,100 lbs. towing capacity.

mPact XTV 750 C Gas

Price: $15,999

The mPact XTV 750 C Gas model from Mahindra is equipped with a powerful engine of 747cc. The engines of both the mPact XTVs are produced by the well-known production brand in the United States, Kohler.

The 747 cc engine is run by the fuel-injected Kohler gas engine, which can produce 25 horsepower to deliver the amount of power you require for your travel. The vehicle has a CVT transmission that is used across all the models.

In addition to that, the vehicle comes with 27-inch standard tires and aluminum wheels of 14 inches. The towing and the cargo capacity are also great for this type of model.

With 2,100 lbs. towing capacity and 1,200 lbs. cargo capacity, it can complete any difficult hauling tasks easily. The 12 inches ground clearance allows you to easily pass the rough terrain.


Strike 1000 Crew

Price: $16,999

You might not find Hisun among the fanciest, versatile, or fastest recreation/sport side-by-side vehicle. However, it includes the features which outmatch the other brand models at such a great price.

The Hisun Strike 1000 Crew is equipped with a 976cc V-twin OHC engine, which is common for most Hisun 1000 side-by-side models. The power from the engine is transmitted to the tires through a CVT transmission. With dual-A arm suspension and 13-inch ground clearance, you will get exceptional control over the vehicle.

In terms of its holding and loading capacity, the cargo bed has a capacity of 350 lbs. and 1,764 lbs. towing capacity.

The model offers you a variety of switch control on its dashboard for the lights, signals, winch, and lock controls. Some additional features which are included in Hisun models are doors, side-mirrors, aluminum wheels, windshields, 4,500 lb. winch, and a roof.


Wolverine X4

Price: 16,499

With the new 4-seater design, Yamaha has changed the game for side-by-side vehicles in the market. Wolverine X4, once known for a two-seater vehicle, has now completely changed into a four-seater side-by-side vehicle.

It is equipped with fuel-injected 847cc engines, twin-cylinder situated parallel to one another that delivers about 50% more HP than its 2-seater Wolverine. Wolverine X4 offers you a fun and adventurous riding experience.

For a smooth ride, Wolverine uses drive-by-wire throttle and Ultramatic CV transmission designed by Yamaha. This unique transmission forces the entire pressure on the belt such that you will not feel any bump while starting the vehicle.

You would definitely be amazed by the comfortable seating inside the vehicle. There is an automotive-style latch through which you can easily adjust the seat. Plus, you can move the back seats to increase the cargo space.



Price: $15,799

Teryx4 from Kawaski is not only a comfortable and spacious side-by-side for four passengers but also one of the stylish looking models. Teryx4 impresses its customers with a wide combination and range of graphics and colors to choose from.

Teryx4 is made for rocky and rough terrain, and that is why it is included in the category of recreation/sport side-by-side vehicles. Teryx4 is equipped with a powerful V-twin, 783cc engine that offers sufficient torque for efficient performance.

The suspension of the vehicles provides additional comforts to the beginner. The Fox Podium 2.0 shocks combined with the suspension allow the riders to make changes as per their requirements for a smooth ride.

With a ground clearance of 11 inches, the vehicle can easily pass through rocky and bushy terrain without getting scrubbed from the bottom.The Kawasaki Terryx4 offers you 1,300 lbs. towing capacity and 250 lbs. cargo bed capacity to carry all your essentials easily. Being the most reliable side-by-side vehicle, it comes with a three-year warranty.

Utility Side-By-Side Vehicles

A side-by-side Utility vehicle is a small 4-seater vehicle that includes roll-over protection, a storage box, and seat belts. Generally, most side-by-side vehicles have four-seats and cargo capacity, but side-by-side utility vehicles have more efficacies in these areas than regular models.

The size of the side-by-side utility engine varies from 500cc-1000cc. However, utility vehicles have efficient performance when the torque is higher and the power range is lower.

Below you can find the list of utility side-by-side vehicles:

  1. Mahindra – Retriever 1000 Gas Crew – $18,099
  2. Honda – Pioneer 1000 – 5 – $17,199
  3. Kubota – RTV-X1140 – $16,875
  4. John Deere – XUV825M S4 – $16,549
  5. Mahindra- Retriever 750 Gas Crew – $15,499
  6. Arctic Cat – Prowler Pro Crew – $15,399
  7. Polaris – Ranger Crew 1000 – $14,399
  8. Yamaha – Viking VI EPS – $13,999
  9. Hisun – Sector 750 Crew – $13,799
  10. Can-Am – Defender Max (HD8) – $13,199
  11. Honda – Pioneer 700 – 4 – $12,399
  12. Kawasaki – Mule 4010 -$11,999
  13. Polaris – Ranger 570-4 – $11,399
  14. Kawasaki – Mule 4000 – $9,999

Now, we will discuss their features in detail.


Pioneer 1000-5

Price: $17,199

Honda Pioneer 1000-5 offers you everything that requires in a multi-purpose utility side-by-side vehicle. The first thing to notice is its powerful 999cc liquid cool engine equipped with a four-stroke twin-cylinder.

This model comes with a Dual-clutch transmission that includes six reverse and forward gears. It provides you with a direct connection between the wheels and acceleration. Also, Dual-clutch transmission is more durable and reliable than CVT transmission.

Pioneer1000 offers you several drive-system controls for every situation, including differential lock, 4WD, and 2WD. You are also provided with a Turf mode for added safety.Moreover, it has a cargo capacity of 1,000 lbs. and a towing capacity of 2,000 lb.

Pioneer 700-4

Price: $12,399

Pioneer 700-4 is among the most affordable utility side-by-side vehicles among Honda’s utility vehicles. Honda Pioneer 700-4 comes with a 675cc liquid cool OHV engine, which includes a single cylinder. Pioneer 100-5 and Pioneer 700-4 are somewhat alike in features, though they differ in the power of their engine.

The model is combined with an automatic and non-belted transmission. This allows the machine to make a smooth turn, just like an automatic car.

Taking about the hauling capacity of the Pioneer, you will find that the model has a plentiful towing capacity of 1,500 lb. and a sufficient cargo capacity of 1,000 lbs. That means you have sufficient space for a considerable amount of load. Moreover, it gives you 10.5-inch ground clearance for your smooth and bump-free rides.

The working part of the Pioneer 1000-5 is impressive in itself as it offers you three different drivetrain controls, including 4WD along with a differential lock, 2WD and 4WD.



Price: $16,875

Kubota is a well-recognized brand name for building high-performance tools in the market. RTV-X1140 is one such utility side-by-side that manages to offer a powerful vehicle for every purpose.

The RTV X1140 is equipped with a 1000cc engine, which includes a three-cylinder. The vehicle can produce a maximum output of about 24.8 HP at 3000 rpm. With such a big engine, the horsepower is quite low, but it does not compromise on its performance.

The model is supported by independent dual-A arm suspension both at the rear and front. Moreover, you get a ground clearance of 11 inches, which allows you to avoid the busy terrain.

If you are wondering how much weight it can handle, then the long cargo bed can hold about 500 lbs. and if you have got the short cargo bed, then it can hold just 300 pounds.

John Deere

XUV825M S4

Price: $16,549

John Deere XUV825M S4 comes with high performance and robust engine of 812cc, which is a three-cylinder, liquid cool, dual overhead cams, and 4-cycle gasoline engine. At 3200 rpm, it has the capability to produce 47 lb-ft torque. The fuel injection system and electronic controls offer exceptional throttle, starting, and idling response when you operate.

XUV825M S4 is equipped with four comfortable seating. You can even convert the rear seat for extra cargo space. However, there is under-seat rear storage, which can also be used as additional cargo space.

To increase the performance of this utility vehicle, the model comes with a 4-wheel independent suspension. The dual A-arm rear and the front suspension offer you an amazing and convenient ride over difficult terrain.


Retriever 1000 Gas Crew

Price: $18,099

The newest addition to the family of Mahindra utility side-by-side is the class-leading Retriever 1000 Gas Crew. Its exceptional features make it among the fastest vehicle among Mahindra models.

The vehicles offer a horsepower of 83 on a 1000cc engine, which is higher in comparison to other Mahindra utility side-by-side vehicles. Furthermore, it provides you with a fast speed, and it can cover the maximum distance of 60 miles in an hour. This sportier version of the vehicle is best for riders who require more power and speed.

Another unique feature of the Mahindra Retriever 1000 Gas Crew is its maximum towing capacity of 2,500 pounds. With such capacity, you can haul even your heaviest loads without worrying about the engine performance.

With this model, you are backed with a 3-year limited powertrain warranty. The Retriever aims to provide you with an adventurous ride by offering smooth take-off, low vibration, and seamless shifting operations.

Retriever 750 Gas Crew

Price: $15,499

Mahindra’s Retriever model has set a high standard for all the utility side-by-side vehicles with its powerful performance in the industry. The retriever models boast aluminum wheels, LED headlights in automotive-style, and high back bucking seat arrangements.

With Retriever 750 Gas Crew, you are provided with a true 4WD along with rear and front diff lock, which you can easily activate with just a button. Apart from that, the vehicle can reach 33 mph with a 747cc powerful engine.

The Mahindra models are known for the spacious cargo capacity. Likewise, this model has a cargo capacity of 1,200 pounds and a towing capacity of 2,100 pounds. Moreover, the cargo bed is equipped with an electric lift which you can use for dumping things around.

Not just the cargo capacity is worth noticing, but the comfort that it provides for its riders in terms of seating and legroom. With an entry space of 19 inches, you have plenty of room for your legs to straighten up. Also, it has an LCD display panel for your ease to check and easily reach different controls.

Arctic Cat

Prowler Pro Crew

Price: $15,399

Arctic Cat is a well-recognized brand for producing ATVs in the market. However, you may only find five side-by-side utility vehicles online, but the vehicles are reliable and well designed.

Arctic Cat has just one 4-seater utility side-by-side vehicle in the market. You may not find many models to choose from, but this offers great performance and price to make up for this list.

Prowler Pro Crew offers you a long wheelbase with spacious seating for six people. The model is designed to provide comfort to every passenger. Additionally, you can remove the rear and front passenger seats to make space for extra storage.

The 3-cylinder, double overhead cam with 12 valves, 812cc engine can produce a maximum horsepower of 50. One unique feature about the engine is that it is equipped with Whisper Quiet technology. Loud noise from the engine is a reoccurring problem in many sides by side vehicles, Arctic Cat provides you with peaceful and quiet driving even in the hilly areas.

Storage is also one of the best features of the Prowler Pro Crew. It offers you about 17.95 cubic feet of storage with additional storage at the back of the seat. Moreover, the vehicle is made for accomplishing challenging hauling tasks as it has 1,000 pounds cargo capacity and 2,000 pounds towing capacity.


Ranger Crew 1000

Price: $14,399

Polaris has been the very first brand that introduced a 4-seater side-by-side utility vehicle in the industry. This Ranger Crew 1000 is an excellent choice for riders and adventure-seekers.

The Ranger Crew 100 comes with a single overhead 999cc engine producing a maximum output of 61 HP with 55 ft. lb torque. With such power, your ride will be fast as well as full of thrill and adventure.

The vehicle boasts a back and front travel suspension of 10 inches and a ground clearance of 12 inches for a smooth ride. Moreover, the CVT transmission ensures that you will get a long-lasting and reliable transmission.

Ranger 570-4

Price: $11,399

Another Polaris model in this list of side-by-side utility vehicles is Ranger 570-4. The model delivers the value and quality that you would expect from a utility vehicle.

It has an impressive towing capacity of 1,500 pounds and payload capacity of 1,250 pounds, along with a cargo box of 500 pounds. The vehicle will help you handle all the tough jobs in just a few trips.

With a 570cc engine, you will receive a maximum output of 44 HP, which can let you reach places quite fast. Also, the engine is combined with On-Demand all-wheel drive and Electronic Fuel Injection that offers you the traction and power to drive through tough terrains and weather.

The ground clearance of 10 inches, the front suspension of 9 inches, and the rear suspension of 10 inches allow you to tackle every trail you pass through.


Viking VI EPS

Price: $13,999

Yamaha Vikings VI EPS offers you the utmost comfort with its six-seater arrangement. Along with the Electric Power steering, it offers convenient and comfortable turning over difficult terrains.

The Viking VI EPS is ready to challenge everything that comes in its path with the extreme 688 ccs, fuel-injected and liquid cool engine. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with Ultramatic transmission, which offers a reliable ground power transfer.

The model is also known for the On-Command 4WD system and comfortable clutch engagement. It offers control to the rider to easily switch between different dials such as 4WD fully locked differential system, limited-slip 4WD, and 2WD system.

The Viking VI EPS comes with a superior double-wishbone suspension and a ground clearance of 11.4 inches.


Sector 1000 Crew

Price: $17,299

Most of the Hisun Sector models include doors for safety, and Sector 1000 Crew features four doors with chrome handles. Additionally, it is equipped with a roof, side mirrors, tow hooks, adjustable gas-charged shocks, and bumpers.

Sector 1000 crew boasts an electric standard dump bed and 4500-pound winch capacity. Also, it can hold a cargo bed capacity of 300 pounds.

When it comes to the engine, the vehicles have a V-Twin, 976cc engine, which is powerful enough to tackle hard terrains. Moreover, the vehicle has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds and a cargo capacity of 1,000 pounds.

Sector 750 Crew

Price: $13,799

Hisun Sector 750 Crew is another powerful and convenient utility side-by-side from Hisun that offers you several features that are worth its price. The vehicle is backed with a single-cylinder, 735cc, OHC engine, which can lead you to an amazing riding experience.

Another thing to note about the vehicle is the cargo and towing capacity. It has a 500 pounds cargo capacity and 1,500 pounds towing capacity, which is sufficient for handling most loading tasks.

This vehicle, like Sector 1000 Crew, is equipped with a windshield, rearview mirrors, 3,500-pound winch, roof, and aluminum wheels. Additionally, the vehicle offers a ground clearance of 12 inches, the capabilities of 2WD and 4WD, and nitrogen assisted hydraulic shocks.


Defender Max XT

Price: $17,399

Can-Am is also among the well-known brand for manufacturing side-by-side vehicles in the industry. By 2020, Can-Am allows its customers to choose from more than 20 utility side-by-side models.

The Defender Max XT is equipped with a V-Twin Rotax HD8 engine, which produces the maximum output of 82 horsepower. Also, it offers an exceptional torque of 69 ft-lb. Apart from that, the vehicle offers you an impressive inch of 4,500 pounds.

The ground clearance of 13 inches is worth-noticing in this vehicle such that the bottom will not brush against any rough and rocky terrain. Moreover, you are provided with Dynamic Power steering that allows you to put less effort while turning.

In terms of storage space, it offers you to create more space by folding the passenger seats. Also, you can find solutions for storage at the front dashboard.

Defender Max (HD8)

Price: $13,199

Another of the Defender series from Can-Am, Defender Max offers you yet again great features and performance at an affordable price. Defender Max is less expensive than Defender Max XT; however, that does not compromise in offering high-quality features.

The model is equipped with a V-Twin Rotax HD8 engine just like Defender Max XT produces 50 ft.-lbs. torque and 50 HP. Defender Max is ideal for any heavy-duty or worksite environment as it offers the maximum payload capacity of 1,750 lbs. and 2,500 lbs. towing capacity.

If there are certain things that you want to keep safe from breaking, then you have a cargo box with 1,000 lbs. capacity. You can easily store things that cannot be kept open inside the vehicle. Moreover, the model is designed to make plenty of room for six passengers.

You do not have to worry about climbing the vehicle over the hill as it comes with a defender parking brake assist. It will keep the vehicle stable even on a steep hill. Also, you can enjoy travel of 10 inches with the torsional trailing arm suspension.


Mule 4000

Price: $9,999

Kawasaki Mule 4000 is the cheapest side-by-side vehicle on our list. It offers you exactly what you require from a 4-seater side-by-side vehicle. Powered and Equipped with a twin-cylinder, 617cc DFI fuel-injected engine, it produces a torque of 34.3 ft-lb.

That means that it has a towing capacity of 1,200 lbs. which is sufficient for a cheaper vehicle like Mule 4000. Again, you will get a cargo capacity of 400 lb. and ground clearance of 7.7 inches. However, it is less intuitive, but it is worth the price you are paying.

The model offers sufficient space to accommodate four people comfortably. You can also convert it into a 2-seat cargo loader. Moreover, you will also get a three-year warranty on this vehicle.

Extreme Performance

The side-by-sides under this category are the fastest and powerful vehicles you can find in the market. They can produce a horsepower of about 120 to 200, which means they are perfect for hopping in the dunes and racing around the forest.

Here is the list of side-by-side models under this category:

  1. Can-Am – Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR – $29,999
  2. Polaris – RZR XP 4 Turbo S – $25,999
  3. Polaris – RZR XP 4 Turbo – $23,699
  4. Can-Am – Maverick X3 Max Turbo – $21,999
  5. Polaris RZR S4 1000 – $19,599

Let us discuss their features in detail.


RZR XP 4 Turbo S

Price: $25,999

The RZR XP 4Turbo S from Polaris is not only efficient in its performance but also offers an attractive and impressive look from the inside.

Talking about its features, the model comes with superior suspension and a 72-inch wide stance. Additionally, the ground clearance of 16 inches and travel of 25 inch is unique to this model.

RZR XP 4 Turbo

Price: $23,699

The RZR XP 4 Turbo produces a powerful 168 horsepower, which can ride any type of terrain. Also, the ground clearance of 14 inches and usable travel of 20-inches offers you a smooth ride throughout your journey.

Many fast side-by-side are difficult to keep in place; however, this model is equipped with Walker Evans needle shocks. That will keep the vehicle stable even on the hill.

RZR S4 1000

Price: $19,599

Equipped with a ProStar 1000 engine, it can produce a maximum horsepower of 100. Though it is less expensive than the other Polaris models, it manages to provide efficient speed and performance as per your requirement.

Besides, the vehicle has a ground clearance of 12.5 inches and travel of 13.5 inches. On top of it, it offers a wide stance of 60-inches for greater stability.


Maverick X3 Max RS Turbo RR

Price: $29,999

The high price can inform you how powerful the vehicle must be in its performance. It can produce the highest horsepower 195 with an ACE engine. That means no obstacle can stand in its way. Moreover, it gives you a quite wide stance of 72 inches and ground clearance of 16 inches.

Maverick X3 Max Turbo

Price: $21,999

Another Maverick addition from Can-Am is Maverick X3 Max Turbo, which can produce the maximum horsepower of 120 with the turbocharged ACE engine. It is lower than Turbo RR but powerful enough to handle all types of terrain.

With QRS-X CVT transmission, you will not experience any lag while turning or shifting. Also, it offers you a ground clearance of 13 inches, which is sufficient for you to have a smooth ride.

Final Thoughts

Side-by-side vehicles are great for adventures with family or even if you require them for your worksite. People usually select the side by side vehicles depending on the size and their budget.

We have discussed different models based on their price by dividing them into the category of extreme performance, recreation/sport, and utility. Now, you can select for what purpose you require a side-by-side vehicle as per your budget.

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