25 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Husband Will Legit Love (2024)

How do you choose a romantic gift that suits your sweetie's personality? After all, some people love deeply sentimental gifts, while others prefer a less serious approach to romance. In the realm of good Valentine’s Day gifts for husbands, there are a lot more options than you may realize. From silly to sweet to simply geeky, there’s definitely a perfect gift for him.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gift selections, there's no shortage of choices. There are always the classic options, such as a box of fine chocolates or a heartfelt love note. But, while there’s nothing wrong with these gifts, there’s also no reason to feel limited to them. Consider his unique interests and your relationship while buying your husband gifts for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you'd really enjoy a flirty new couple's game for game night, or maybe your partner is the practical sort who'd enjoy a gift that can be used everyday. And, of course, there are always plenty of geeky gifts for Valentine’s Day to choose from, because who wouldn't want a screaming pink Bulbasaur planter?

If you’re coming up short this year, or you just need a little help to make your shopping easier, here are some great Valentine’s Day gifts for husbands to consider for your partner.

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Valentine’s Day is practically synonymous with chocolate and sweet treats, right? Decadent desserts and guilty pleasures are classic romantic gifts, whether it’s a tried-and-true box of candy or something a little more unusual (romantic jerky, anyone?). If you think your husband would enjoy a little indulgence this Feb. 14, here’s a selection of bougie eats to choose from.


Sometimes, sex can fall by the wayside in a marriage (especially when you’re exhausted parents), and Valentine’s Day can serve as a nice reminder and excuse to make time for some intimacy. If you want to heat things up all the more com Feb. 14, give your husband a few sexy Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Not only will it get him super excited, but you’ll get plenty of enjoyment out of them, too.

Fun & Funny

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favorite holiday, but even if you don’t take it too seriously, it’s still nice to give your husband at least something to acknowledge the day. Thankfully, you don’t have to give in to the mushy romance of it all, because there are plenty of fun and funny Valentine’s Day gifts that will suffice. Here's a selection of flirty games, activities, and just weird stuff to give your SO this year.


It’s incredibly frustrating to give someone a gift that they don’t end up using or enjoying, so instead of getting your husband something holiday-themed, why not go for a more useful gift that he can enjoy all year long. A new gaming headset with a pop of red, a nice plant for his desk, or some stylish warm boots would surely make him feel loved this Valentine’s Day.


There are plenty of couples who really get into Valentine’s Day because it’s an opportunity to do something thoughtful for each other. After all, the holiday is all about love, right? If you’re hoping to get a little sentimental this year, then these gifts are ideal. A little love book, a custom puzzle, or a plaster cast of your hands could make sweet and sentimental presents.


Everyone has something they geek out over, and what better way to show your partner how well you know him (and that you accept his geekiness) than with a Valentine’s Day gift? Whether it’s Star Wars, Pokemon, a favorite athlete, or something else, you’re sure to make your husband smile if you incorporate his favorite fandom into his gift this year.

Finding your husband gifts for Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun, you just have to know what direction you want to go with the presents. Just remember, regardless of if the gift is funny, thoughtful, sexy, or practical, it’s secondary to the whole point of the holiday – celebrating how much you love your significant other.

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25 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Husband Will Legit Love (2024)
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